A Season for Bragging

After several grueling months of school, I'm, we're, he's finally finished. This means there will be no more statements like, "I can't, I have homework tonight" or "I'm gonna be home late". It also means I will not have to be a single mom anymore AND it means that I have a husband to do chores. For example, he is currently outside building a chicken coup. Earlier today we did grocery shopping. Yes, WE. Yesterday he watered the plants, and I got to go to the gym. It's weird, this normal lifestyle. It's mostly me being spoiled.

But then, there are days like today where I wish he was back in school. David came with a trait that runs in the family I think. It's called teasing. It's not the kind of teasing that makes you feel bad, it's the kind that makes you want to punch him in the stomach.

We went to the store today. I was gathering items that were of great weight in the freezer section (giant Stouffers lasagna anyone?). David decided to leave me and frolic up to the dairy area leaving me stranded with frostbite and arm fulls of vegetables and bad-for-my-kids corn dogs. So when I finally caught up with him I said, "I feel angry that you leave me behind like that." So guess what he does next? He trails behind me the rest of the way making smart little remarks. And by trailing I mean that he doesn't stay farther than one foot away. After about 6 minutes of this I was wishing that he had Army class like he normally does on a Tuesday afternoon.

Sometimes I get fed up with it enough that I wrestle him to the ground (not in the naughty way you're thinking) and take my aggression out in breathing my bad breath on him. That's gross. But it works. He'll try and tell you he can get out of my mad moves but it's not true.

Even with all of this I still want to brag about his hard work. Even with all of the irritation and anger and frustration of long days and absentness, I'm super proud of him for all his hard work. According to him, good grades don't come naturally so you can imagine his thrill (and mine) when he checked (a million times over and over until they came in) his grades and saw this:


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