A Post of Love (sort of really sappy)

My hubby is the one who told me that the first line of a book is the most important. He also told me he hates the way butter feels on his fingers. He's also a musician, bilingual, a teacher and occasionlly a doctor. lol.

It's been 6 years since we tied the knot in Mesa, Arizona and 5 years since my dad died. This is always always always a weird time of year for me. I say that every time. I won't bore you with more on those feelings.

We spent the evening at Murphy's restaurant in Prescott, AZ. We've never been there together. He enjoyed a full rack of ribs and a shirley temple and me a steak. A delicious one served with au jus and horseradish. And garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus, and salad and bread. Carb overload anyone? Delicious! Over the course of the evening we talked about how we hate good waiters (because that means having to leave a good tip). We talked about our hostess and how I cheered with her sister, of the coolness of the restaurant with it's vintage appeal and coat racks. We held hands on the way out of the restaurant and he opened the door for me. We saw a movie and I fell asleep (only for a few minutes) on his shoulder. He drove home, and I took another nap. He filled up my tank so I wouldn't have to the next day when he knew i would be going out. It was a very sweet evening. Some might call it boring, I call it romantic.

6 years is a long time! Where will we be in 6 more? in China somewhere? New York City? Boston? Maybe right here in Paulden who knows?

Marriage is hard. Everyone who's been married knows that. Until more recently I never really agreed with that saying (that marriage is hard)  because we always had it pretty easy. We get along, hardly fight (always because he is SO patient with my neurosis) and laugh together. But things. Things get in the way. I totally get why people choose divorce. I don't really blame them. But I love this man more than anything and would never want to be with anyone else. Which means lots of work and lots of love. Lots of arguing and lots of laughter.

When I was in college and he was on his mission there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of him. EVERY day he was in my thoughts and prayers and I always hoped that I would spend the rest of my life with him. I always secretly deep down knew I would be with him. That doesn't mean there weren't other distractions. But that is another post for another time. We met when we were 14 and married at 21. That's a lot of time to get to know someone and I'm so grateful I have.

Here's to 6 more years and 6 after that, and 6 after that, and 6 after that.........and infinity after that.....

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