I appreciate pictures, but not a thousand of them.

Sometimes.... (this is a secret coming out).... I skip through peoples blogs if there are Soooooo many pictures. I can only take 70 pictures of your daughters missing front tooth.

Am I rood for saying that? Maybe it's because I am jealous because I never post any pictures here. Which is weird because we had a family activity last night and I totally posted pictures last night, after it happened, that same night, on our Nickle family blog. Too bad it's secret because i can't even prove to you that it's true.

Why am I so bad at it? I think it might be that I am afraid people will judge me if my pictures aren't "perfect" so to say. I feel like they have to be the "right" ones or people will think I'm a crappy person or something lol.

Also, the keyboard I am using is sticking and I am soooo irritated about it.

Also, i am working on Jacobs Senior pictures that we took like 2 months ago. don't worry, if you ever want us to take your pictures, I promise I won't take that long. Unless you are family. lol. Sorry Steph and Jacob and anyoen else we've done that to!

do you see all those mistakes above? I don't even care because I HATE this keyboard.

I wrote in my journal blog about my day today. It was really lame and wonderful all at the same time. I am at the library because my husband is awesome. It was much more poetic the way I wrote it in the other blog.

My friend is moving here from NY and I am excited because we are going to have accent days (she doesn't know this yet but I know she'll go for it). We'll have gangsta day, and British day, and southern country day, etc. You can join in if you want to. It's probably gonna be a club. On those days, we'll speak in that accent and only that accent. We are also starting a Non-profit organization. We need peopel to get involved but I'm not ready to publicly announce anything. If you are interested, let me know! It's gonna be good and we're gonna make lots of money. oh wait, it's non-profit.

Wow. i am reading through everything and it's so crappy. It's like a ten year old wrote it. No punctuation and terrible grammar and bad everything. I want to write something poetic someday.  Speaking of poetic and really smart writers, my brother-in-law is uber smart and he has a blog now. You should read it. It's REAL smart. You can read it here. If there is no link over there, that means he texted me and told me to take it down because he is just that smart that he doesn't want anyone to know.

For now, I will go. Here is a picture. This is Sadie on Mascara Sunday. I've told you about that right? How she loves makeup and glamour and beauty. Well, this is beauty. lol

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