It's Our Party and We'll Be ________ if We Want To.

The decorations were glitzy and super annoying. The food was amazing and really super tasty. All for this: (see image below)

We had super ugly sweaters from the DAV Thrift Store (Disabled Veterans), tacky tablecloths from the Dollar Tree, and even shabbier miscellaneous decorations from Goodwill. The location was perfect. Mariah's home in Prescott Valley was decked out to the max with a mixture of beautiful and bold. Lights and bows and streamers everywhere. It was my birthday and I spent the whole day preparing for the awesomeness to come.

It was around 6:00 when no one showed up. And everyone started calling. "I am too tired", "I have to wash my hair", "My dog ate it", were just some of the excuses as to why people couldn't come LAST MINUTE to this extravaganza.

The few that were loyal and did say they were coming are on my list. The good list. Those who didn't, are on the naughty. Those that RSVP'd that they couldn't come are on the good list too. Because at least they can read. And follow directions. And be nice.

We decided to cancel the whole thing.

I was irate. Still am actually. Both M and I feel like taking our freakin' awesome goody bags and shoving them in peoples faces thanking them for NOT coming to our party. I bet you wonder what's inside of them. Well, I'll never tell. I still haven't decided what I am going to do with the millions of dollars worth of stuff that I already removed the tags from. Yeah. Awesome.

But let's not forget the $100 in food. Or the $150 in decorations. Ew. So mad.

I'm not asking for a pity party here, cause I'm already having one and frankly, I'm tired of planning them (parties). I am just asking for an explanation as to why people (especially my people) can't get their crap together when it comes to parties and RSVP'ing. If you knew you weren't coming, why did I have to call you to find out? Or, if you really just wanted to go to that theme park instead of our party, why didn't you say so? OR, if you knew you were going to vomit, why couldn't you have just done so? (just kidding sis).

I pretty much just want to be angry right now. I don't even need validation because I'm pretty sure I'm right about all my feelings and opinions. Don't forget that it was my birthday yesterday. lol.

The GOOD news is that we already had a babysitter. So we decided to go see The Tourist. I LOVED it!  If you do decide to see it, don't expect tons of action (either kind) but do expect to laugh. Johnny Depp is fantastic. I thought for sure that I just loved him as Jack Sparrow but I now can claim that I love him outside of that role as well. All because of this one.
And seriously? What should I do with the gift bags?

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