Rain....I feel it. Its comin'

The sound of rain is gorgeous. Especially on a tin roof. Or metal. Is tin metal? Oh my.

This is a picture of a feisty little reindeer who refuses to wear clothes but requests makeup. She doesnt care about toys and dolls (yet) but loves hair and mascara and painted nails. The statement on her shirt is pretty much her life story.

I'm angry at the popular kids in school. The snotty chubi bloggers who think they are all that. I am unsubscribing. Today. Well not today b/c I dont have internet. Even on my phone. I used it all up logging onto Stalkbook. I made that up. Dont steal it. But use it.

I do love Christmastime and baked goods. And family. And every other cheesy aspect of the holiday. I love Jesus. I dont believe in Christmas cards but I love receiving them (im starting a new tradition of St Patricks Day cards. How much fun will that be? Surprise! A letter in the mail thats NOT a bill. Or spam. Wait,thats called junk mail right?
Anyway, if I dont talk to ya, Merry Christmas!!!

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