It's a Wrangler tonight.

That's for you sis.

I'm armed with my shea butter socks and a "fistpumping like champs" t-shirt. What else do I need to survive this night? This week? Nothing!!!

I read this article about how Superwoman won't be made into a movie anytime soon because she doesn't have a hometown? Say what? That's effing ridiculous.

Also, the guy in the cubicle in front of me is chewing. As in, chewing tobacco. In a very public place. It sort of makes me vomit in my mouth a little.

Uh oh. The random blogness is coming on.

I pretty much hate and love everyone right now. I joined on the Facebook numbers game bandwagon tonight. The one where people message you a number and you write something to them on your wall. It's all private but public. Crazy huh? The thing is, what if I get a number from someone I hate? I suppose I be honest with them right?

Like to one person I would say: Your girlfriend is a ho and you should stop dating her. And to another I would say: You said you were too busy for me, but not too busy for secret lunches with our friends?

Oooh. A little bitterness there. I don't know if I should delve into that topic now, or save it for later? It's really concerning friendship. I started another post about this. Ghost of Girlfriends Past. As in, the female friends. Not lesbian relationships.

I have this friend, a best one of sorts. Her and I hit it off when we first met. We became pretty close and made lots of memories in a short period of time. And then I feel like I wasn't able to be what she wanted me to be. And I think she couldn't accept that. And so she broke up with me. As in, told me we needed to take a break. Which I get. I get that sometimes it's necessary. So I gave her the time she needed and told her I would be ready when she wanted to talk. I feel like it's just never come. So I texted her (more than one time) and asked that we talk sometime.  I didn't get a response so then texted her and asked her if she wasn't going to respond to please let me know that too. All with smiley faces. Because I didn't want to seem like a beeyotch. So then I get this response that she is really busy these days and that when she isn't busy THEN we can talk.

I guess she is really busy. Because it's been 5 days. It makes me more sad than anything because I know about a secret lunch between her and 2 of my other friends. I sort of wish I just wouldn't have gotten a response. The whole "I'm too busy for you now" thing hurt more than a non-response I think. I suppose I just miss a deep friendship connection thing which I have with a lot of people, but it's just a little different with her I guess. That probably sounds super weird, and maybe stalkerish, but whatev.

I only have like 2 (or 4 or 6) more quizzes in math and then I am done! Whoo hoo! I like math, but it's hard. I hope I can take Anatomy and Physiology next. I'm trying to convince my friend TBC to take it with me, because it would be fun to study, but she has like 21 brothers and sisters and like half of them are getting married next semester. I might wait, and in the meantime take Chem or Statistics or something. Did I tell you I am going to be a Physician's Assistant when I grow up? So that's why I wanna start taking the prereqs now. I can't even spell that word. Prerequisites? Ugh. Maybe I should take English first. But for now, I'll finish math.

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