Tramp Stamp

I saw one today. Which is totally not a big deal BUT this one was on the back of a truck. A VEHICLE people. Who does that? Is that the new thing? I sure hope not. But if it becomes as such, I'm totally getting a butterfly. Or maybe a peace sign. Whatever is most sexy. What do you think? What would you get?

This one was a a silver truck. With a little scribbly design on the back, clearly feminine in nature. So was this girl a macho girl, attempting girliness, or a girly girl, pretending to be macho with her big, bad truck? Hmmm... not so sure. And maybe that was the point.

Speaking of tramp stamps... Sadie drew all over the couch today. For like the millionth time. I swear to you, that girl is a trouble-maker. She will also be 2 years old tomorrow. That's sayin' something right? Anyway, it was in black pen, and permanent marker. How do you tell a 2 year old (who is smart) not to do that anymore, in a way that she will understand and listen to? Is it possible?

I am surrounded by skanky girls. They probably all have tramp stamps. And I bet they have the initials of their boyfriends tattooed on their.... sides. I think that's the new thing too. Tattoos that go all the way up the side of your body. Mmmmm. Sounds SO nice. Oh wait. That sounds more painful than anything. And idiotic.

This girl in front of me, totally played this nice boy for his homework. She so sweetly batted her eyes and asked if she could use his homework for "reference". Him in his glasses, and button-up shirt, so sweetly responded that she could use it as long as it wasn't word for word. I hate her. Now she is flirting with the guy she called her "best friend". Rude! I want to tell on her. The "best friend" is way more ugly than the nice guy. Should i tell her that? Chubi.

So she just said, "I had so many texts last night. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to hang out with me." Ew gross.

Anyway, I am tired. And the library is closed. More stories of tramp stamps and chubis to come. Stay tuned. 

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  1. I hate tramp stamps.

    Good luck with the marker-girl. Try hairspray to get it out; it's worked for us.

    As for the cheater/flirter, ick! I can't stand her either.