The Purpose of Cleaning

Can someone PLEASE tell me why I clean my house? Or even attempt it? I swear to you, I spend the whole day cleaning and it never. gets. clean.
Why pick up the 29 shoes on the floor when tomorrow there will be 18 there again? Not just the kids', the husbands too. Never your own, just everyone elses!

And the brownie pieces/crumbs? Might at well leave those there too. They're easier to clean when they've had the chance to be stomped on (occasionally eaten), and flattended to the ground. The broom can scrape them up and the Swiffer too.

What about the clothes piles? Mine are clean and dirty and everywhere in between. So unless it's a "sensitive" (delicate if your normal) then it's probably on the floor. And will be until David or I gets too fed up with tripping over them.  Or if you're Sadie you omight be tired of sliding and falling on your butt. Poor girl.

Dishes in the sink? I am convinced I am the only one that cares about those. David would probably agree. I HATE doing them. But i ALWAYS do. How does that work out?

My least favorite chore that no one talks about? TOILETS! Who enjoys swiping poop and pee stains off of those germ infested bowls? Not me! Ew. Really gross. Especially because it's everyone elses poop and pee cause if I tinkle on the seat, you bet I'm gonna clean it up. And don't pretend you don't it occasionaly, cause you do. That time you were in a hurry, yeah. You left some behind. Watch. Now you're gonna check. If you are a close friend of mine you know I'm reminiscing about that time in 3rd grade where I got teased for this same mishap. Don't laugh.

What chore do you not enjoy?


  1. Wow. That's a loaded question. Let's go for the shorter route and ask what chores I like.

    I like shoveling snow and mowing the lawn. That's about it.

    I know those aren't cleaning chores, but they give me a similar satisfaction. And I get to be outside to do them.

    I hate all the rest. All of them. A lot.

  2. Cleaning the house while the kids are growing is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing. :( Not what you wanted to hear, but it's true.

    Most hated chore? Hmmmm. I honestly think my most hated chore is trying to motivate my kids to do their chores! Even if I help them, they sit on their backsides while I clean. But, it should be the opposite. I should be thoroughly enjoying this "one on one" time with my kids. Because that's what it is.

    By the way, did you know the kitchen sink is filthier than the toilet? I was told that in a Cutco demo.

    Luv ya, Lisa.

  3. When Lydon and I got maried I told him I liked doing laundry. But I didn't tell him I only do it twice a month, I just make sure to buy enough undies and socks to last that long. If I am always doing the laundry I am wearing the same favorite outfits. As for the dishes Lydon does them, the trash too, and toilets. You may be thinking WHAT DO YOU DO? Well I keep our child alive. NUFF SAID! During busy season for his work our house suffers. So I once its cleaned I just leave all day so it stays that way :)

  4. Try having a job where you're required to keep your house clean. That royally sucks. It wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't always working so much.