Sadie Faye

Did you know that your name fits you? And that you have a lot of secret names as well? "Sadie Lynn Faye yo, Marie Ann Kay Jo." Or "sissy", or "naughty one".

I was awake last night at 1 a.m. and thought about how 2 years ago almost to the hour (you were born at 2 something), you came into this world. VERY quickly. I was sitting mostly naked in the living room (wearing only fur jacket and underwear), talking to Dad and your aunt Chelsi who was on the phone with Grandma Menlove. I looked at the clock. It read 10:27 p.m. and BAM contractions started. I knew then, that it was time to go. I wish you could have seen the chaos. Luckily Grandma was on the phone because she was able to relay the information quickly. Dad was really cute the way he tried so calmly to get everything ready. He wanted to move the car, and get me into it and help me dress, etc. I remember standing in the bathroom depserately looking for someone to help me put on my freaking pants. I walked out the door with a belly sweatshirt and sweatpants on.

4 hours later! You were here! Here on this earth. Ready to cause all sorts of trouble. As of late, your favorite thing to do is draw on the couches. And on your body. Preferably with permanent marker. But pens and highlighters do the trick just fine. I try so hard not to be mad, because I have a feeling you sort of know what you are doing.  That's the thing. You are SO smart. You only speak words you know so it's pretty easy to understand (minus your sweet little lisp).

Bee Sting

Shoes. You LOVE shoes.
You hate flies. And frightening scenes in movies and books. You shake when they come on. We watched Toy Story 3 the other day and the part with the monkey FREAKED you out. You shook like crazy. I tried so hard not to laugh. There is another book we have (Big and Little) with a mouse and an elephant. The elephant climbs the ladder and is supposed to jump into this glass of water. Oooops.... she slips. SCREEEEEAAAAMMMMM is what you did at that part. It was so scary to you.
You love cars and trains and trucks (an older brother maybe?). At the store you pick balls and moving things over dolls and pretty things any day. BUT you love makeup. Specifically mascara and eyeshadow. People probably think I am a terrible mom for letting you wear Falsies mascara.
I love how you always touch your hair and say, "It's cute" to everyone you see. Mostly dad. And the mirror. It IS cute. YOU are cute. 

My Halloween ladybug

The "cool leg". Your dad has it too. He'll put it up while he's driving even. But I promise you, you ALWAYS put it over your carseat as if to show that you are the boss, and in charge.  A common phrase in our house is now, "No, Dasson" (No Jackson). We here a lot of naughty words too. They are meant to be good ones but just sound SO bad. Jacket, Truck and Talk are the 3 that come to mind. HIL.ARIOUS. What makes it more funny is that they are common words. So sometimes you'll say them, we'll pause, and then laugh because you really are trying to convey something, not just swear up a storm.
I am sorry that today, all I have are cell phone pictures to share. Because you are pretty model-like in your faces. Whether they are happy or sad or cheesy or hilarious... all of them are perfect. Probably because they are you  and you are my daughter. Happy 2nd Birthday! I LOVE YOU!


  1. Beautiful pictures.

    Cute stories. What a wonderful tribute to your sweet baby. Happy birthday to her!

  2. Love it! Wish I wrote one when Milly turned two :)

  3. Of course I love it. And her. And you. :)

  4. your love for her is so evident! Remember not to be hard on yourself, you are doing a great job as a mom!

  5. I think the bee sting happened at my house.:( She recovered.:) Sorry about that, Lisa.

    Thanks for inviting us last night. That was way fun! Love ya!