I got a gentle reminder from a friend/family member to update the blog-o. What's so silly is that I LOVE to blog, I just get out of the habit. Did you know it takes 21 days to make something a habit? Some of my habits are biting my nails and pulling out my eyelashes. What are yours?

Have I mentioned that I work for a trash company? And have I mentioned that people are really passionate about their trash? Seriously. Most of the time people claim they were 'missed' when in reality, they didn't get their can out on time. That makes me so mad. I love catching people in their lies. I love the calls where I get to say "I have record from my driver that your can was not out when he came by." It's fabulous. I also love when people call and say "My can is dirty. Can I have another one?". Um, you do put TRASH in there. Silly geese. And today I have realized that it's always the same people that call. For example, here are the notes on one customer who called today.

04/23/09 - Cust called this morning to have his can dumped, it was out the night before and was not dumped. Per his conversation w/ secretary. Driver was not given notice to p/u can. Driver to go back tomorrow.

05/20/09 - Cust called requesting 2nd can for at least remainder of the year. Changed to Monthly billing for the 2nd can and review date to make change back to yearly for next years billing.

06/04/09 - 3 cans were p/u today per driver driver.

12/14/09 - Cust called one can delv with too small of wheels.

12/28/09- Cust doesn't like new cans. On can list for 12/29/09.

01/05/10 - Cust didn't recieve the new can....Don't know what happened on can list for tomorrow. Tall regular can with larger wheels 12".

01/22/10- Cust REALLY needs another can to last him until Monday. He is going to come to yard to get one.

The last note comes after a conversation in which he told me both of his cans (yes he has two) are full and he can't wait till Monday. I explained that with the mud and rain, our driver will not be able to pick him up today. He asked if we could bring a can to him. I said no, our resources are pretty tied up. He was really adamant about it. So I told him he could come to the yard to get a temporary 3rd can. Craziness. Well, he came. He was snotty too. And he called again. Don't you worry.

I kind of can't take it anymore. I'm in a bad mood. I have explained about 50 times today (no exaggerating) to people that we aren't able to get to them today because of the weather. I'm in a bad mood. Oh. I already said that.

Anyway, nothing else seems to be new around here. Except that my kids are really cute. And crazy. Sadie is not walking yet. And Jackson has diabetes. Well I think he does. Also, I am driving unlicenced and uninsured. Cool huh? I won't complain about my lack of funds because everyone is in the same boat. Except some people who brag about having everything they want. Ew. That makes me so mad.

I'm going to go right now. Thank you for listening.


  1. Hey Lisa,

    The garbage company sounds like - well - a company. Funny things and annoying things alike attached as usual. And I'm glad that your kids are doing well. Bummer about Jackson and the diabetes though. Halloween will never be the same for the poor kid.

    Hang in there! You're too awesome to be bummed out a lot! Keep your chin up! And call me up anytime. AND I MEAN IT!

    Love ya!

  2. Oh, you asked about habits. Mine is wasting time on this darned computer that I love so much instead of doing other things. And I have this habit of nagging my kids too much. Those are the not so cool ones. There are good ones too though.:)

  3. You have me "rofl" about the garbage company. Seriously great. But I'm sorry it makes you grumpy. About Jackson, you should just take him in! He has insurance, you silly lady! Love you, and thanks for blogging. :)