I Might Change the Name of My Blog

I think it's time. Or should I not? I can't decide. David gave me a really good one. It's kind of intense, but really cool. Hm. Decision time.

Also, I love Christmastime. It's so fantastic. I haven't put up all my decos but I still love the feeling of it all.

My kids are bugging me. They are seriously the most whiney kids in the world. How do you train them out of that?

Why am I writing one-word sentences? Idk. My bff Jill.

That's all for now.

Milestones for babies:

Sadie says "dane do" (Thank you). She can also walk along items (has been for awhile), eats EVERYTHING, likes to stick her fingers in pen and marker caps, and fights with her brother.
Jackson is starting to sing-along to The Backyardigans DVD. It's real cute. His fav songs are "The Yeti Stomp" and "I'm Not an Egg Anymore" (especially the whoo whoo's).

OMG. I have to write about her birthday. I'll post pics instead.

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  1. Hey Lisa! A friendly suggestion. Take it for what it's worth:

    Don't tell your kids they are whiny. Because if you tell a kid the way he/she is bugging you, well, they won't have anything else to live up to. Tell them you noticed they made their bed this morning, or you noticed that they got dressed by themselves, or that you noticed something that they did good. Excellent for positive re-inforcement. Who wouldn't want to become better if they were "noticed" more?

    As far as changing the name of your blog, if you want to change it, that's terrific. But, can I have your blog address if you switch that up? I sure love you guys and love keeping in touch with you. Smile. Life is good and so is God. Give Him credit!:)

    Love ya!

    P.S. No baby yet. I'll spread news when there is some.