Soccer Ball Baby

Does anyone else get those weekly e-mails about how far along they are in pregnancy? Oh, maybe it's just me. And the other ladies that are preggo too.

Well today I am 31 weeks. Yay! My baby is the size of a soccer ball. I think they are lying though. I don't think my belly is THAT huge. It probably is and I am just in denial about it all.

I totally didn't keep track of important growths in my pregnancy with Jackson so I wanted to document a few things about this one. It's totally going to be boring for anyone that is not me. but I don't care because I don't keep any other journal except this one.

At about 22 weeks I started having Braxton-Hicks.

About 30 weeks is when I started feeliing REALLY pregnant. Like not being able to bend over to pick up stuff from a sitting position.

This week I started to not be able to breathe. The nasal blockage is setting in.

I failed my glucose screen.

I got the shot in my butt for my special blood type. O-. That was last Friday.

Limbs started to protrude last week. Her is a mover. I'm glad.

I am hungry every 30 minutes. Literally. That is no exaggeration.

I saw a picture of myself and I am a blob already. Ew.

I DON'T have swankles. YET! Please pray for me not to.

That's all. So far. How boring huh? I don't care.

Does anyone even think it's super wonderful that Jackson is walking? He started to walk on the 15th of August...ish. He is so cute. I love him.

I'm going to eat fruit loops.


  1. I am glad you are a "real" pregnant person. Its alot of work having a baby. and going to get blood work done. and going to a million doctor appointments. And not being able to pick anything up or stand up. or roll over. its hard finding food every 10 minutes that sound good to eat. and then, its annoying to stop and pee every 8 minutes. And add a walking boy on top of all that? Its hard work! I miss you. I'll make you lunch.

  2. Oh Gosh! You are so close, not much longer. YAY FOR BABY! Having a baby is SUCH hard work...just like trying to get to the point to have a baby... ugh. I feel for you....

  3. Hey Lisa, so when I got my bassinet, I read like a million reviews on the one I found and liked, and there weren't any bad ones, so that's promising. I ended up ordering the "Carry-me-near" one made by 1st years. It's cute and has some fun fancy stuff like music and vibrations, etc. The bassinet part comes off the base so you can carry it around too. Anyway I just ordered it from Still no luck on a stroller though...

  4. I don't think it's boring! Sounds like amazing things are happening inside of you!
    I Hope You Don't Get "Swankles"!