It's September 11th. I remember where I was when I found out about it all. Do you? We were in seminary and David came in at the end and announced what had happened. It was shocking! I went to school and no one was even in the hallways. Everyone was in a classroom watching the news. What a day in history!

I also have terrorism in my own life. It's my little boy named Jackson. Today has already uncovered many adventures. Keep in mind when you read the following that I live at my sisters house right now. Their place is immaculate.

We were downstairs enjoying some breakfast. Jackson had already dumped his bird cheerios everywhere (thats what Em calls Fruit Loops). So we are chillin' and he's eating off the floor and I'm happy. He wanders over to the corner where my sis has an empty potted plant container where the remnants of the huge tree she killed lay. This container is super cool and has wheels! Jackson loves wheels. I figured it would be fine for him to push it around since it was just his size.
Well, he pushes it over to where I am and proceeds to tip it over. Not a big deal right? Well it is because there is leftover water and soil that came pouring out. I run over to the closet to get a mop (which they don't own), and hear Jackson bawling. He slipped and fell backwards, hit his head too. So I have a floor and a child covered in soil water and I actually thought about what to do first (I'm a good mom like that). Clean the floor or him? I chose the latter.

Everything worked out fine. I'm sure he will be messed up for life. He fell of the bed last night and has bruises from that incident too. I hope he's normal. Probably not since he IS my son.


  1. That's hillarious! I can say that because I wasn't the one having to clean it up! lol

  2. The post made me laugh! We'll all pray that Jackson turns out at least semi-normal!! :) :)

  3. Little boys are SO fun, huh?? Im glad we understand eachother. No one truly understands "walking disaster" until they have a little boy who loves exploring... You made me laugh though. :P