Blood Work

I'm semi grumpy right now. I don't wanna be. But I am. I feel like I am always in a bad (or sarcastic) mood when I decide to write blogs. I had about 14 posts to catch up on and the only one that made me feel slightly good about my grumpiness was the one from Audrey. And she even ate comfort food to deal with her unsuccessful day. I'm glad I'm not alone.

So the other day I had to get some blood work done for el bebe. I had to choose a lab to have my paperwork faxed to so I chose the one closest to my sisters house. Little did I know, it was the most ghetto one ever. Seriously. So I go in and it's completely silent and filled to the max with people. Awkward. I wait and wait and wait and finally get called. I get my sugar juice and had to wait one more hour. I was so thankful for that 50mg bottle of fruit punch flavored glucose (or whatever it is), because I was STARVING. You have to go fasting you know... so anyway. It made my spirits lift high, actually my blood sugar, because I failed.

During that time, I had the opportunity to watch quite a few people. There was Lucy, the 60-something black woman who was just the way you stereotype someone with that description. She was a little loud, really cute, and happy to be alive. She told the entire room full of people about her 6 children and how one of them is getting her PhD in business. Loved her.

Then there was the other old lady who sat by the check-in window blocking any sort of direct contact with the secretary due to her walker/wheelchair in front of her. She sat and chatted away on her cell phone ignoring the distinct signs ALL over the walls saying, "Please step outside to use cell phones". I think old women are immune to any sort of "rule".

What I also found fascinating was the color of the sticky tape they use to wrap around the arms of their victims (it is a blood lab). I know when I used to donate blood to United Blood Services you had the choice of all sorts of colors. Neons, pastels, neutrals ,etc... Well here, everyone came out wearing the same brownish/tanish color. It blended well with the color of most of the clients skin. I'm not saying anything here... okay yes I am. I'm saying that most of the people coming in and out were Mexican or Black (African American?). So then I go in, and come out with what color? CLEAR! You got it. They don't have a color to match my whiteness so I get the next best thing. Clear. How funny is that? I thought it was not only ironic, but really hilarious. If I came out with that same brown, I might be laughed at. I guess that's what they thought anyway.

I'm super tired.

Today was my first day alone with Jackson. David started his fancy U of P job. He likes it mucho. They gave him this classy leather folder thing too. I love free stuff. I spend most of the day sweating and eating (does this surprise anyone?). I am mostly mad about the sweating. My efficient sister and her husband like to keep the thermostat at 90 degrees. It was fabulous. So I went naked most of the day too. Just kidding. Well kind of.

I think that's all. I took some herbal medicine to help me sleep. Not the illegal kind. Although I wish I had some of that sometimes... Just kidding. Well kind of.


  1. I'm glad my crappy day made you feel a little better about yours. I hated doing the glucose testing- those drinks are so nasty.

  2. I lost count of how many times I only wore my G's when I was pregnant in the summer. It frankly is the total pits to be so hot and sweaty in the summer, and in Phoenix too! Do you have any names picked out for el bebe? I'm one day over due so far, which is no surprise at all.

  3. I love your observations! The lab can be oh so boring. I've spent WAY too much time there lately! But there is good people watching, and that's always fun! Are you guys back in the valley now?

  4. Ok- confession, I like to go to labs and dr offices...or restaurants because I can watch people. Crazy, I know. But people are really interesting lol. Dan gets irritated when I can tell him what people are fighting about too lol.... Im sorry you are SO HOTT! 90 degrees sucks.... blah...