Regular Days of Life

I made biscuits and gravy and put my sisters award-winning white chicken chili in the crock pot for later. We were going to do games tonight but Ian is hanging out with a friend so we might do something else... or nothing at all. 

I found a new local tire shop, Skyline Tire and Auto out here in Queen Crizzle slash San Tan Valley. They've been there three years and it's Daniel, his brother Alex, and their family friend Eric mostly. They were phenomenal! I went to Big O and they quoted me more than double to price of this place plus I was in and out super quickly AND they were just hella nice. I LOVE a local biz. Support them! 

The gym was busy when Cole and I got there last night around 10:45p.m. but by about midnight, it was empty. That's why we like going late at night. Not as many sweaty humans making grunting noises. There was still the One Guy doing that but one is better than many. 

There were two times I found myself with tears in my eyes and rolling down my face. Like I said, I've been doing a practice of just allowing it... letting it come in, and through and then out. It's working pretty great. I ended up having an epiphany later about it. More to come on that later. 

Cole showed me the correct form on the stationary squat racks that my home gym only has (Planet Fitness). I'm sure it looked like I was just admiring which is ALSO true but honestly, I was trying to watch his form. lol. I've wanted someone to show me how to do it and he did! Yay! 

We spent time chatting afterward. We talked about people-watching and whether that's a thing he engages in (not really) and how the gym is a unique time to practice mindfulness and meditation AND social skills AND people-watching (for me lol).  I came home, ate some delicious chicken strips (the ones in the green bag that taste exactly like Chik-fil-A's), chatted with the kids, and then went upstairs to consume plant medicine with Riah. By then it was VERY late slash early in the morning. Our sleep schedules are kind of fucked up right now. 

During my conversation with the girls, I told them once we return home, we're either going to set goals or they have to go to prison (school). lol. It sounds like they both have some good ones and I'm excited to help them because eff the prison, I mean, school system. No offense to my loves who work in it. We need the good ones there. 

Then I ended up talking to Cole via text for longer because the conversations have been riveting lately. He and I don't always see things the same way and I very much enjoy the dialogue because of it. It's mind-opening and expanding AND allows me to find and use my voice to convey things that are important to me, with pushback, in a loving/safe way which I need more of. My therapist offers a lot of the same thing, just different.

I started writing a deeper version of the information I got last night with the help of plant medicine. I hope I took as good of notes as I did in my head. Maybe that will be what I spend time writing about tomorrow. Let's go! 

This is fun. I forgot how easy it is to write for the purpose of just remembering. I want to remember the seemingly insignificant AND the important things but writing just to write is fun. Go me. go team. I love you. 

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