Last Night at the Fire in the Desert

It's January. The winter for some. Although here in the valley of the sun, it's prime time to be outside playing with the toys we all got for Christmas which other parts of the world can't do until spring/summer. It's fun to see everyone out on rollerblades and bikes and stuff. 

We had a desert fire last night. It was likely illegal but we didn't get caught. I drove with Cole in his sexy car. We got there first and got the fire going. The truth is, he did most of it but I did help a little. lol. Then Luke and Hunter got there and then Riah and then Adrian and then Julie. Grand entrances for everyone!  I loved spending time with those people in that nature on that night (last night). We ate delicious meat, and had s'mores and medicinals which all made for the most perfect eve. It was definitely a joint effort and was so fun to see everyone coming together to make a thing happen.

There was a moment though, where I felt the tides shifting which I know they do all the time but for those few moments I really felt it. I took a minute to let it go through and in and then out which is something I've been practicing lately. 

I've always been a crier but it hasn't always been the way it is now. There was a lot behind it before (and sometimes still is) but I've been doing a thing where I notice it, and let the emotion move through, and then let that shiz go. It's real nice. 

Nature is so freaking cool and I love being close to it. In the discovery of my values (which I'm still figuring out), I've learned about myself that nature is vital to my well-being. I realize it's not the same for everyone, but it should be. lol. I think we'd be a happier world if we had regular, tangible access to things like dirt and sunshine and water and trees and cactus... like the ability to touch and feel them regularly. 

I love this place here on old school blogger. Pretty soon you won't be able to tell it's my OG Blogger cause I have someone working on it for me. I hope to occupy this space on the web for awhile because it feels like my ultimate home. It's been with me through so many wild transitions. 

I'm 40 now and I have a lot to say about that. It feels different. Can't wait to talk about that more but not right now because my attention span is short and I'm telling myself I can finish this later and instead of doing that, I'm going to post this now. I love you. 

P.S. "Go further away, you woman." 🤣

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