"Nothing's Fine, I'm Torn"

Thanks Natalie Imbruglia. I'm split about so many things. I'll make a list.

I'm torn between:

Blogging here versus on Medium. I think I have a small readership here and over there I'm just beginning.

Keeping my kids in school online at home, or going back to more traditional homeschooling slash unschooling

Being totally transparent about the real things in my life and keeping it between me and those involved. ha. #vague.

What to be when I grow up. SO many options here.

Wanting another baby or not doing child-rearing for at least 18 more years.

Buying a house I kind of like right now or waiting for one that might be everything we ever wanted.

Taking a nap right now or accomplishing more tasks.

Can you help me with these things? As in, can you make the decisions for me? lol.

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