Dear Jackson

I'm late on yours too! I'm afraid my blog has become mostly letters to my children on their birthdays, which I think is okay. Because you are important Jackson!

I feel bad because your birthdays for the past two years have been when we are on trips or getting ready to go on one. Last year New Zealand, this year Ireland and Scotland. Most would say you have a "rough life" lol but you would probably say you have a rough life. You'd rather be with friends and cousins than with family on vacation in an exotic place. lol. I only hope one day (maybe when you read this) you will appreciate the travel.

You made me a mom 11 years ago. I remember the night. I think you and I will always have this special bond because of the way you entered the world. I was scheduled to be induced on the morning of your entrance. I really struggled with this because I had in my head that babies should come when they are ready. Well, I'm entirely thankful you decided because my water broke the night before my induction. Except you just didn't want to come that bad. I ended up with a C-Section which also worked out in my favor because of so many things I will tell you about later. I'm just overall thankful for you in general. You've been such a blessing in our lives. I know that sounds so cliche but it's true. You're a gem of a boy.

I'm officially really late finishing this post. I'm doing it now.

I just refound pictures on they were threatening to delete because I haven't been on there for awhile. There is a whole album dedicated to your first birthday. I'm gonna go download them and post them here.

I love you. You're currently hanging out with Shawn and Dad and Sadie and Nevie because it's Fall break and yes this is like 5 months after your birthday. But to my credit we have moved and started school since then and those are 2 big things. You're not in love with our new schedule. It's a lot of work but you are so smart and are doing so well.

You've also found some fellow Dungeons and Dragons friends at the youth center which you are old enough to go to because hello 6th grade. I'm not ready for all of this.

I'm gonna stop talking and go grab those pictures to post. But first, some currents.

Now the oldies

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