Dear Nevie

I'm late writing this post but even in the space of a month (it's actually May 7th) you've started riding your bike and riding it well. Dad came in last night and said now you will go off curbs and turn corners like you never have before.

The other day you laid in bed with Dad and I and snuggled with us so well. You said later that you "cried from happiness" with your still adorable but fading lisp. You are the best snuggler ever! Morning snuggles are the best from you and it's a great way to start the day. 

You are ferocious when you don't want to do something however you are quick to change your attitude and are super forgiving and good at letting things go. 

I'm dying over your pictures. The ones you draw of houses and tents and our family or the sun. They make me melt so good. 

You are the most kind-hearted little person. You quickly make friends but are selective over who you let in. But those who are in, are in for life. You and Sophia are besties right now and spend a lot of time playing house and having adventures outside. 

You love "sloshies" and cheese fries but you still change your mind on the daily about what you love and hate. It changes daily. You measure things in terms of your 10 fingers held up to show. At 130 a.m. last night you came down to ask me how many places you had lives in. I told you four. You said that was a lot. And it is considering you are only 6 years old. Then you counted 28 for some reason and did it by flashing your hands 2 times and then holding up 4 fingers. Close enough. Then you came down to eat because you are the night owl of night owls and always have a midnight snack. You made yourself  a bowl of cereal and then came over to give me my regularly scheduled hug and milk mustache kiss. 

It's so fun because you love watching the most random things on your Kindle and you'll watch them over and over. The regular ones you like are The Peanuts Movie, Sofia the First, Strawberry Shortcake, and Lego Friends. You even enjoy Doctor Who when Jackson watches that or We Bare Bears. Today you were watching Star VS. The Forces of Evil (cause there's a new season!). Right now you're upstairs eating Pizza Rolls and watching Ratatouille. 

You are excellent at taking pictures on my "nice" camera. You are good at digital drawing and you'll often get the paints out and just paint pictures without prompting. 

My favorite thing about you is how good you are at holding a conversation. You are so good at talking on the phone and often ask people how they are doing and what they are doing and if they are having a good day. So cute. 

I also love that you don't shy away from the camera and often have a great pose ready in an instant. You have recently begun singing and I love it. You just made up a couple of songs, one called "A Day or Two" and then another one called "If you see a darker beach." I have videos and when I'm not in Italy I will post them. 

You don't love sleeping with other people though. Sometimes you do but you usually prefer sleeping alone on the floor next to our bed. Or in your room sometimes too. 

I think I say this every year but I feel so lucky you are in our family! You are most kind loving person and we are thankful you were born 6 years ago on April 8th. 

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