Dear Nevie

I try every year on the kids' birthdays to write them a letter. I'm 11 days late on Genevieve's. But it's here!

Genevieve. I love your name. Daddy has told you over and over the story of how you got your name. I remember it clearly too. Daddy was holding you and I was in the bathroom. He said something like, "I know what her name is. Her name is Genevieve." And I said, "Yep. That is her name." It was a really magical moment. It just fit. You fit.

I love how the Italians say your name. They say it, "Jenna-vee-eh-veh". It's so pretty! Just like you. Inside and out.

Honestly, if I had to pick one word to describe you it would be: Joy.

That's not to say you aren't feisty though. What's the word for a feisty now-five year-old? The thing is, you're pretty easy to calm down with some gentle talking to. Or redirection. My favorite thing is when you get mad and you go "oooooohhhhh I'm done!" and stomp. I can't help but laugh and I know all the parenting books would discourage that sort of response from a mother.

You've said to me twice in the past little while "I love you because you are nice and your heart is full of love" which to be honest, you've copied from us saying to you. But I'll take it!

Today we had a really sweet moment where you asked me about my "real" dad. I showed you pictures of him and you said to me over and over "You miss him huh?" and I would say yes. And you would hug me. It was a very gentle few minutes where I feel like you saw into my soul. You looked me right in the eye for a long time and we connected on this deeper level. Crazy to say because you are 5. Thank you for allowing me those moments to grieve with you. I'll never forget it!

One of my most favorite things to watch is you with your imagination! You dove right into that developmental phase. You LOVE playing pretend by yourself but also with others. Your favorite game is "Mom and Dad". "I'll be the mom and you be the kid" are the most common words out of your mouth during the day. Sometimes we get lucky and get a "You be the mom and I'll be the kid." lol.

You're quite the social butterfly! You love making friends and upon meeting someone for the first time you'll always ask to have them over for a playdate.

You love to dance and sing too. You're an incredible story teller as well...but only scary stories. Recently you'll say "this is a scary slash happyish one." with the ish on the end. lol.

You love your banana hair and I hope it will forever be banana colored. You love Rapunzel cause she has banana hair. You also can watch Wreck-it-Wralph and Hotel Transylvania a million times and never get tired of them. You also like the Smurfs, Tangled, and Sofia the First.

I'm so thankful for you and your love for others. Thanks for choosing us. :) Happy 5th Birthday my love!

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