We Moved to Italy Today

We went quietly. I'm not very good at saying goodbye. I prefer to not do it. So I didn't. I feel like maybe I should feel bad about that but I don't. I was and am not feeling so good physically and crying and sad emotions make me feel worse. Remember when I told you about my neighborhood? Well, it's not easy to say goodbye to.

I told Ian that this is what I wanted before we left. This picture. 
I lost it last night when we said "see you later" to the Wriggs. Then I lost it again today when we were driving to post and Sadie started crying. Omg. No one wants their kids to cry especially when it's over moving.

It's weird to even write those words "we moved to Italy". Who says that? Saying "we are moving to Germany" was strange but now we are telling people we are FROM Germany. Eeee. So fun.

We made it to our hotel and my life is so good. Because we have A/C. I mean, legit central A/C. I haven't been this happy since... well, I can't say.

There isn't much else to report.

Today is the next day. We went to the mall next door (do you remember those my Germany friends?). David quickly made friends with the people at the buffet we went to because they, and he speak mandarin.

We didn't make it through the whole mall because it is so big! The kids were itching to go swimming so we went to the most Wal-Mart-like store I've seen since Tesco in the UK. I mean things were organized by category and not just randomly placed next to each other (I'm talking to you Kaufland). It was pretty lovely. We walked away with swimming items and a new cooler to take with us this weekend when we head to the beach that's close to us. Omg. Do you hate me?

Maybe you shouldn't hate me too much because the WiFi is lacking here. Haha! First world problems am I right? It's also a very open network and we can't use our Unblock-Us. This is very sad because I'm missing Big Brother and David and I have not yet been able to watch The Season Finale of that show. You know which one I'm talking about.

Once again, I'd like to extend an invitation to come visit us. The door to our not-yet-known house is open. We might not have great WiFi but we WILL have Italian food. Are you packing your bags???

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