Not a Travel Blogger: The Rhine with Kids

We were in Frankfurt for some things... mostly to eat Chipotle but also to get our visas. Who cares about that part though?  Since I have always wanted to go to the Rhine area we made a little detour on our way home from Chipotle I mean, getting our visas.

My friend Rick recommended a short trip from Bacharach to St. Goar and that's what we decided to do. Because Rick is cool.

We decided on a hotel in Bacharach also recommended by Rick. We are so glad we listened to his recommendation because otherwise we would have missed out on this:

This was the decoration? behind our bed. Like it was the headboard. There were several other characters spread throughout the room and the hotel.

For real though, this place was awesome. We called ahead and were totally welcomed with open arms. We arrived and were quickly ushered into the family apartment. It was perfectly big enough for us. The beds weren't bad and I think my favorite part was the noise from the trains and the rain.

In the morning I went upstairs to pay and before I could get a word in, the super nice lady took us to our table (set for 5) and showed us the breakfast. She made the kids hot chocolate and brought us an extra.It was so nice! The owner came out to say hi as well. It was really amazing. Although it was not a new or modern hotel by any means, it was everything that is important to us! Kid-friendly, it had views (our room didn't but that's okay) and it was freaking close to everything. AND the staff were so so so nice.

Speaking of close... we woke up the next day and walked across the street to the Bacharach K-D ferry ramp and hopped on the Nostalgic Route to St. Goar. It was a short ride (perfect for my crazy kids) and so beautiful! On the boat there was a slide for the kiddos and plenty of space to roam  around. The ride was only 45 minutes-ish and so stunning. I don't know if it's because I have waited so long to see it or what, but it was pretty magical. The weather was good, the kids behaved, and the views were so unbelievable.

And now I'm pretty much done talking. Oh wait! We met some really friendly people from Park City! I really wish we would have exchanged contact information. They were so nice! I kind of feel like posting one of those missed connection posts on Craigslist. Maybe they'll read my blog and we'll become best friends. I think they were there with their daughter. He was a Marine and she was just really nice.

Now for the pictures! The cell phone ones. Because let's be honest, who has space for a fancy camera when they have 3 kids, a backpack, 3 coats to hold, and a purse that isn't big enough.

Oh, I have to tell you something. The night before this, Sadie and David and Nevie walked down here and found this guy, the swan (They swear it's the same one). Nevie was terrified. Sadie loved him. So we brought bread on our day trip to hopefully find him again and we did! This time though, he nipped Sadie's finger. I'm pretty sure she doesn't like him anymore. lol. 

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more not travel blogging! Which castle have you seen or do you want to see? 

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