Spring Makes Me Have Anxiety

There are too many things that happened today to try and fit it into a caption or a facebook post even. Plus, I've been really bad at this lately. Thing is, I've been gramming more because I use a magic site called chatbooks,com to get my feed printed to paper once a month. It costs like $6. In fact, if you want to sign up you can get your first book free with my special code! It's a win-win cause I get a $1 credit. Woot. It's been really fun. The kids love looking through them and David does too (especially cause he's not in Instagram).

In other news, Nevie is about to turn 4! It's crazy. She's been a ton of fun to listen to lately minus her EXTREMELY loud tone. I think because she is the baby, she feels the need to almost yell in order to be "heard" even though we are standing right next to her. She also repeats things at least 3 times. Grrrrr.

For dinner tonight we had Chick-fil-A sauce with a side of chicken nuggets and homemade french fries (cooked in peanut oil to add to the effect). The kids ate and then went outside immediately afterwards to soak up this hot (70 degree) weather. Genevieve was super excited about a snail she found and wanted to put it in this gross snail box we have had since last summer. I told her she wasn't allowed, that we needed to clean it out otherwise the snail would die. She understood. I was standing at the sink doing dishes and Nevie came in to eat more of her food because she was hungry. I looked up at her with her chicken nugget in one hand and asked her where her snail was. "Right here" she said, with the snail in her other hand. oh em gee. I about died.

That's the story I really wanted to tell. I may have to use Instagram to post her other one-liners that have been so funny lately! This age is so much fun!

About the anxiety thing. I have told several of my friends that Spring is when all the big things happen. So right around when Daylight Savings hits is when my anxiety goes full force. I wake up to that delicious smell and the sunshine and then BAM! Immediate anxiety. It's a learned thing. I can't help it. Spring time is when David always leaves, when we moved, when David was at Airborne, when David was in some other country, etc... Plus, another big thing is happening and it's not in stone and therefore anxiety. Thanks a lot Obama. Jk.

Can someone just be my personal assistant? There are so many things I want to write and share with the world but I don't have the focus to sit down and get them all here. How do good bloggers do it? I suppose they don't have kids at home? Or maybe they do and they just manage their time better? I need All The Tips and Tricks. Real ones. Not lame ones.

That's all for now. I'm gonna go try and write another post with a separate subject matter as to be more professional. Jk. I mostly just want to be able to find it later and it helps with my scatter brain. 

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