On Holiday in the UK

I always have good intentions about writing right after something happens but it never works out! I think I will start jotting down notes on my phone when I have blogging ideas. Do you do that? Am I behind on the times?

When we first arrived in London, granted it was an airport, it was love at first sight. Mostly because I could read everything. I understood what people were saying (for the most part). It was this completely foreign and unforeign experience!

I would like to mention that I did this trip alone. With 3 kids. They did great.

Anyway, we met up with David, and got in our left-handed car. I wish I had video of everyone's faces as we drove for those first few miles. Yes, they speak miles in the UK! I felt sooooooooooo at home except for the strange driving situation.

First stop?

Don't judge me. I honestly felt like maybe I was in heaven. I was sitting in this place surrounded by quite a few red-headed people speaking a language I understood. Most of them were eating buckets of chicken, or sipping Starbucks. And then there I was with my garlic butter sauce. ooooohh man. This pizza tho.

Since this first day was awhile ago, there are many things I have really come to appreciate about the UK and where we are staying.

The house we are staying in has a sink disposal.
The sun has been shining quite a bit.
There is no shortage of Pepsi products.
People are quite friendly.
The car we drive has seat heaters.
Bookstores. Everywhere
Antique/thrift stores. Everywhere.
Did I mention the friendly people?
Brands I recognize:
Haven't eaten here yet. Saving it for a special occasion. 

This trip has come at the perfect time. Since we haven't been home since coming here, the UK has served as a great reminder of how much I love the US of A. It also makes me appreciate Germany! I feel crazy blessed to have these experiences!

In the interest of full transparency, I'd like it noted that my kids have begged to stay home. lol.I don't know that many kids who wish for that. Like hey, "do you want to go to London today?" "No".
Um. Okay. Also, we are super sick. So we have paid for the crazy amounts of traveling we have done in the last week. Germs everywhere. I watched Dr. Oz the day after we got here and his medical team conducted a study on the germiest places on an airplane. according to his study, headrests are the grosest. according to other studies though, it's the tray tables. 60%  tested positive for MRSA and norovirus. That's more than half. I'm grossed out.

So here we are and here we have been for quite some time. I can't wait to tell you more!

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