How to Get Gum Out of Your Child's Hair

Is that one of those rites of passage like a broken bone or a bee sting is? I'm pretty sure this is the first time any of my kids have had it. Although, my dear Sadie had that one time with the Vaseline in her maybe I should count my blessings?

Anyway, the secret, easiest way to get gum out of your kids hair is to:

Cut it out

That's it! Magic right? Are you disappointed? I didn't even bother to Pinterest other ways because after the night I had previous, I was in no frame of mind to deal with the weeping and wailing that would undoubtedly accompany the combing through of sticky gooey grossness.

Can you please explain to me why Genevieve woke up 8 times last night crying? Do you know the sound of nails on a chalkboard? That's what her crying in the middle of the night sounds like to me? Don't judge me! I was so exhausted already.

4 year old life is proving to be just as fun as 3 year old life but with more words. Today I was outside with my friends in the 'hood and Genevieve came over with no pants or underwear on, carrying her pull-ups and told all of us in the vicinity that she did not poop in the toilet and was going to poop in a pull-up. We laughed and I cried inside. lol. That's my kid.

Also, I have been inspired by a few fellow full-time mom's to Just Do It when it comes to starting an online business. I am STILL going back and forth about what I want to do full time so I'm just going to do it all. For now. Until I am able to narrow down my focus, I'm going to do the things I enjoy. Therefore, I am going to start listing some of the fun things I find at thrift stores or antique or flea markets here in Germany. I will also post some of the digital things I have created over the years. Eeek. I'm nervous and also really excited.

Are you on Snapchat? If you are, please tell me. I have restarted that endeavor and it's pretty fun! Anyway, this is it for now! 

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