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What to Bring When Traveling with 3 Kids on a Train

First off, I have no idea what I am/was supposed to capitalize in that title. Can someone help me with that?

The night before last I was totally inspired by a family who travels full time with their 4 kids. They call it worldschooling. I freakin' love that and I'm totally adopting this title. So when the opportunity came to take a random trip on the train to Bamberg, I said yes! I figured since we have been there before it would be less daunting to do alone than something less familiar.

We took a taxi from our house which if you know where that is in relation to the train station, you'd laugh. It was cold and I was alone with 3 kids, remember that! So we arrived at the train station just in time to miss the train. lol. We sat in the convenience store bakery and ate doughnuts. And read (well one of us did).

We boarded the next train and rode quietly and in peace for an hour to Nuremberg where we were to meet up with our friends! As we were getting ready to exit the train, a German woman complimented me on my well-behaved kids which is the highest compliment (I think) one can receive. Germans are pretty quiet people in public (unless it's Volksfest or Fasching or beer-drinking time).

This girl melts my heart with her drawings

I didn't even tell him to pose like this

It was helpful to have my backpack full of supplies. In it I had something I knew each kid would enjoy. A book for Jackson, the Kindle for Nevie, and a notebook and pencil for Sadie. I also had a few fun snacks, water, tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, extra gloves, lotion, chapstick, and a portable charger for devices. What I wish I would have brought and ended up getting in Nuremberg was a book for myself. I was planing on using my phone but was worried about running out of battery (even with the extra charger cause I'm a spaz). We used it all! I left my big purse at home and just had the backpack which I'm SUPER thankful for. Other things I wish I would have had: a small coin purse full of coins just for bathroom breaks. It was a teeny bit of a hassle to have to take off my backpack, pull out my wallet, and dig through my coin thing to find the right change to use the potty. Next time though (as in, 4 days from now eek!) I'll add this to my list. I also want to get headphones for the kids. We bought a nifty splitter* for the Kindle so they can all watch movies at once in confined spaces without it being too loud but the ear buds don't really work for little ears. Does anyone know where I can purchase budget-friendly earphones for kids in Germany? :-)

Yay! We met at the platform we were supposed to depart from and in the time from when we arrived until 2 minutes to departure, the platform changed. We rushed to where we were supposed to go and made it just in time to wait some more.

From there, it gets really foggy. I can't remember how many times we got off, and back on again.

We never made it to Bamberg.

Something happened and everyone was rerouted back to Nuremberg.

We ended up eating KFC in the train station. It was amazing! I felt a little bad for Cole who was visiting from the states. He came all the way to Germany to eat KFC. ha! It was delicious to those of us who don't get to eat it very often. Jackson said he felt like he was in paradise eating his chicken.

It was actually quite hilarious and fun!

I remember riding the train a lot as a kid and I remember it being super fun! I really hope my kids remember these fun adventures. Have you ridden the train? Where did you go?

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