My To Do List

Is very long. As in, never-ending. You know those quizzes that ask you if you're the type of person who writes something on their list just to check it off? So me. Especially lately. Okay fine, I'll be totally honest here. I just started re-doing to-do lists. Is that redundant? Anyway, I started yesterday and I x'ed off like 10 things! Pretty good for Single Wife Life.

The reason I am writing this is so I can brag tell you about some of them. Maybe I should just list them in order.

Get out of bed
Get dressed
Put on shoes.

Jk. that's not what my list looks like. But here are a few of the actual ones I wrote down.

Drop off trash: done

A picture I took at the trash drop-off place. Hi Sun!
Order/pick-up battery (for the car I've had to have jumped every. day. this. week.): done
Pay ticket: oops and done
Pay internet: done (So you have to know, paying bills in Germany is different than in Murica. It's very old school)
Drop off games at library:done
Work on baby shower invite for friend:done
Secret task:done
Pick up medication: done AND Bonus stuff not on my list but that I did anyway because I was there...
Talk to front desk about future appts with doctor: done!
Talk to EFMP person: done

Also today I accomplished getting 3 kids out the door and on time to art class and karate. I successfully attended AND video'ed some of karate WHILE maintain the threenager. Okay, I didn't really maintain her. She basically participated. Thankfully a good friend is the sensei otherwise it would have been a disaster. They play a game called Jump the Belt and she had a blast with that. The older kids were so good to her.

That was just today guys. I only had to use substances (caffeinated beverages) twice today! Score!

Shoot. I forgot to mention I made pancakes for breakfast/lunch and lemon chicken for dinner. Another win!

What's on your to do list? Speaking of which, what app/program/process do you use to organize your life? I use ColorNote? Is that outdated?

One last thing. I had lunch with Nevs today and she ate a footlong sub. I mean, I got her a 6 incher and that wasn't enough. She wanted mine too. So I gave it to her thinking she wouldn't like it. But she did. She would eat a bite of hers and then a bite of mine. We ran out of time and had to take them to go. Don't worry, she finished them in the car minus the 1 tomato slice she decided she didn't want. Lucky me.

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