Shaken Baby Syndrome

I remember having to watch the informative video on this before we left the hospital with Jackson. My thoughts were filled with judgement towards any parent who would even consider shaking their baby to death. How could they ever?

Now I understand.

Except I've moved on to Shaken Toddler Syndrome.

Don't judge me! I'm mostly kidding.  Let me just tell you how the events of today unfolded.

Nevie really wanted to ride her bike today. The sun was out so I totally understood the desire. I told her what she had to do to get ready to go outside since it was still chilly...just the regular things really, shoes, pants, a jacket at least to go over her summer outfit she was wearing.

Genevieve did not want to wear her summer romper/jumper as that. She wanted both legs in one hole. As I was helping her with this task, I noticed she had Sadie's bathing suit bottoms on which were much too big for her. I mentioned something about it and you can probably guess how that went down. Then we got to her shoes. She hates socks. She had on capri's "tied" at the waist by her own doing. I really was pushing the socks to at least cover some part of her exposed legs. No. No. No. I wish I could take a picture of the outfit but she tripped and fell in a big puddle so we had to change the outfit.

So then I went outside to get her bike out of the garage. I was going back inside to get a jacket and she immediately started crying about how she was scared to be outside alone WHICH has never been an issue until this very day. Last year in the summer I would often find myself with an escapee on my hands...the same one standing before me crying about being scared? What?

Anyway, so I decided to sit in the car because I was cold. She then told me she wanted to get in the car with me and I told her no. So then she cried again. We went inside after that.

Thankfully her favorite person lately, David our neighbor boy friend, came over and he entertained her for much of the day. Even after that though, there have been a few times I have wanted to give her a tiny shake. But not really. Please don't call CPS on me, although in the Army it's called FAP just in case you do decide to call in which case I will promptly remove this blog which won't do any good because ...interwebs.

In real life though, she is a really great kid. She brings joy to my life on a daily basis. Often times, after getting on her for something she will say, "You are the best mommy ever" and I want to hide my head in shame. She is generous and kind and one of the most thoughtful people I know even at 3 years old. So while I complain about the nuances of threenager life, I really am grateful to have this one in mine.

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