A Date in Bayreuth

My sister Chelsi is the bomb. She made us a reservation at one of our favorite German restaurants called Oskar. This was right before David left. It was extra special.

Right before we went to dinner we got new phones. And by we I mean I. David thought he won the lottery though, when he got my "old" phone.

So, the pictures to follow are from that very special date.

My first picture on my new phone!
My second totally accidental pictures. Seriously. Awkward.

David and I were talking about how when we go back to Paulden or Chino or even Prescott, we probably won't run into several hundred year old buildings. At least like we do here.

After the dinner we decided to get wild and go see a very late late movie in Nurnberg. Bayreuth to Nuremberg is about 45 mins. It started at 1130. I love Germany.

Also, can we take a second to appreciate something Germany (and other European countries) do that the US reallllllyyyy needs to get on top of?

Assigned. Movie. Seats.

Seriously. Why do we not do that? First, you can go online and view the theatre and how full it is. Secondly, it eliminates a TON of waiting, and thirdly, it's just way more efficient. The seats are way better here too. David and I got a "love seat" that was basically a small, soft couch. It was bomb. It allowed for great selfie taking.

We watched a reallllly good movie. Like super good. I hope you go see it. I'm pretty sure it's won a bunch of awards already. Since I probably won't go on another date for awhile, I figured I should put these pictures somewhere where I can view them regularly. Which is definitely not this blog. BUT! At least it's a little more permanent. I think.

I also miss him. I won't admit that outloud and he would probably be surprised to hear it (especially today) but it's true. I'm thankful I wont the lottery with this one. And hey, if you win the actual lottery, please share. :-)

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  1. You are precious. So glade you had a wonderful date before David left. What movie did you see? Much love to you all!