Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is very long. As in, never-ending. You know those quizzes that ask you if you're the type of person who writes something on their list just to check it off? So me. Especially lately. Okay fine, I'll be totally honest here. I just started re-doing to-do lists. Is that redundant? Anyway, I started yesterday and I x'ed off like 10 things! Pretty good for Single Wife Life.

The reason I am writing this is so I can brag tell you about some of them. Maybe I should just list them in order.

Get out of bed
Get dressed
Put on shoes.

Jk. that's not what my list looks like. But here are a few of the actual ones I wrote down.

Drop off trash: done

A picture I took at the trash drop-off place. Hi Sun!
Order/pick-up battery (for the car I've had to have jumped every. day. this. week.): done
Pay ticket: oops and done
Pay internet: done (So you have to know, paying bills in Germany is different than in Murica. It's very old school)
Drop off games at library:done
Work on baby shower invite for friend:done
Secret task:done
Pick up medication: done AND Bonus stuff not on my list but that I did anyway because I was there...
Talk to front desk about future appts with doctor: done!
Talk to EFMP person: done

Also today I accomplished getting 3 kids out the door and on time to art class and karate. I successfully attended AND video'ed some of karate WHILE maintain the threenager. Okay, I didn't really maintain her. She basically participated. Thankfully a good friend is the sensei otherwise it would have been a disaster. They play a game called Jump the Belt and she had a blast with that. The older kids were so good to her.

That was just today guys. I only had to use substances (caffeinated beverages) twice today! Score!

Shoot. I forgot to mention I made pancakes for breakfast/lunch and lemon chicken for dinner. Another win!

What's on your to do list? Speaking of which, what app/program/process do you use to organize your life? I use ColorNote? Is that outdated?

One last thing. I had lunch with Nevs today and she ate a footlong sub. I mean, I got her a 6 incher and that wasn't enough. She wanted mine too. So I gave it to her thinking she wouldn't like it. But she did. She would eat a bite of hers and then a bite of mine. We ran out of time and had to take them to go. Don't worry, she finished them in the car minus the 1 tomato slice she decided she didn't want. Lucky me.

Monday, January 18, 2016

My sister Chelsi is the bomb. She made us a reservation at one of our favorite German restaurants called Oskar. This was right before David left. It was extra special.

Right before we went to dinner we got new phones. And by we I mean I. David thought he won the lottery though, when he got my "old" phone.

So, the pictures to follow are from that very special date.

My first picture on my new phone!
My second totally accidental pictures. Seriously. Awkward.

David and I were talking about how when we go back to Paulden or Chino or even Prescott, we probably won't run into several hundred year old buildings. At least like we do here.

After the dinner we decided to get wild and go see a very late late movie in Nurnberg. Bayreuth to Nuremberg is about 45 mins. It started at 1130. I love Germany.

Also, can we take a second to appreciate something Germany (and other European countries) do that the US reallllllyyyy needs to get on top of?

Assigned. Movie. Seats.

Seriously. Why do we not do that? First, you can go online and view the theatre and how full it is. Secondly, it eliminates a TON of waiting, and thirdly, it's just way more efficient. The seats are way better here too. David and I got a "love seat" that was basically a small, soft couch. It was bomb. It allowed for great selfie taking.

We watched a reallllly good movie. Like super good. I hope you go see it. I'm pretty sure it's won a bunch of awards already. Since I probably won't go on another date for awhile, I figured I should put these pictures somewhere where I can view them regularly. Which is definitely not this blog. BUT! At least it's a little more permanent. I think.

I also miss him. I won't admit that outloud and he would probably be surprised to hear it (especially today) but it's true. I'm thankful I wont the lottery with this one. And hey, if you win the actual lottery, please share. :-)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Family is big on my mind these days maybe for less obvious reasons than you know. However, that's not important. What is important is the realization I had the other day about my uncle. He taught me everything I know about everything cool! 

My paternal grandma and my mom were pregnant at the same time. So my older sister and my uncle are the same age which was and is really fun. I had 2 working parents so as a school-aged child I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time at my grandma's house. Eric (this uncle), who was older at the time, was the only one home during this period of life. My aunt Amy had a room there too I think, but she was away in NYC or somewhere else exotic. Plus, her room was off limits. Lol.

The other day I was at my friends house and she had a newer Archie comic book and I swear I traveled right back in time to my uncle's room where he had stacks of comics (Dick Tracy or Mad anyone?).  I would read when he wasn't home. I wasn't always sneaky. He was often really nice and would willingly let me borrow his stuff. He always let me play his Sega and Nintendo which in turn prompted me to ask Santa for one. I got a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog became my best friend. 

I've never given any meaning to my love of Hot Wheels cars until now really. My uncle had quite the collection. My most favorite game, and still is, is to park them in rows so perfectly and so neatly. Then I would remove one car and another one would come park in its spot. 

When we got together as an extended family and lots of other cousins came (the perks of living in Utah and being Mormon), we would often play Ghostbusters in the basement. Eric, my sister, Andy and Dusty always got first pick of who they would be because they were older. Lame. Laundry detergent turned into ghost repellent, and hockey sticks became weapons. 

Posters of Hulk Hogan and Karl Malone hung on his wall and because of that (and watching fights/games), I know who those people are. We also played basketball video games so I gleaned some knowledge there. 

As I grew older, his interests shifted, as did mine. I remember the era of Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey and The Duet. It was obvious who would sing which part.

I remember the first time I saw that part in the first Scream movie that makes you wanna vomit. I was way too young to be watching it. But my uncle, who was obviously looking out for me, fast-forwarded through most of the movie which was on VHS of course, and only showed me the most scary parts. 

We moved away and only came back to visit sometimes and when we did, it was always the same amount of fun with him. We have continued to wrestle our way through the years and play just as hard. I miss him and these memories. 

This is Sadie and Uncle 2009

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I've lived in Germany for over a year now and as of today, finally grasp what this day (these days) are about. In fact, just a few hours ago 3 younger girls showed up at our house dressed up with crowns and robes. What is this all about? 

Three Star Singers from the diocese of Eichstaett had to bear the honor, bread and wine to the altar during the New Year's Mass with Pope Francis in Rome. Representing the 330,000 carolers in Germany they received the blessing of Pope Francis. Source
Epiphany, a predominantly Catholic holiday, is the 12th day after Christmas and celebrates the visit of the wise men to the Savior, and "the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12)" according to Google. It is also known as Three King's Day in many countries. Celebrations and customs vary according to where one lives. 

Here in Bavaria, as mentioned previously, kids, called Die Sternsinger (star singers)  go around to houses dressed up to sing and solicit donations for different causes such as fair trade, healthy eating for kids in impoverished countries, children's rights, and support for refugee children.  Last year, they raised 58 million euro, the largest ever. 

In return for a donation (and according to some research I did, they are given treats at some houses) they bless the house by marking the year over the door with chalk. In our case, we were given a sticker with the 20 C*M*B 16.According to one site CMB stands for the traditional names of the 3 wise men and/or it stands for Christus Mansionem Benedicatthe Latin words meaningMay Christ bless this home.

David said the kids didn't sing for them, but they did recite a little poem. They also gave us a little flyer. 

I went to the official website for Die Sternsinger, and read (using Google Translate) this article about refugee children joining the star singers this year. The theme it seems, for this year is "Respect for me, Respect for you, Respect for everyone." What a better way to show that than to allow these mostly-Muslim children participate. According to the article, 1 million refugees have registered in Germany many of which are children who are excited to learn the customs and traditions of the country. 

I love living in a place where I am given an opportunity myself to not only learn about these traditions but to participate in them too.