What To Do At Midnight

I told David I went to bed early last night. It was 12:30. I was watching #pll and my Netflix stopped working and I took that as a sign (as if my unwillingly shutting eyes weren't enough) that I should go to bed. So I did. And I slept so solid. Amazing.

Here are some pictures because that's what I do.

The kids wanted to watch this. So we started it. A friend came over to play with Sadie and she asked us to not watch it without her. So Jackson and I started watching Holes which is Chelsi's favorite movie. I forgot that it was so good and that Shia LaBeouf is in that movie. He is a baby child in it. ha.

Look at this awesome picture. lol. Hashtag real life. 

So, these items are for the Super Saturday we have coming up but the kids have found such a great use for them. I think I know what I'm getting them for Christmas! And it's going to be cheap. lol

Splashy Donuts in Weiden
 Weiden got a doughnut shop! WHAT? It's like a legit one. Not just baked goods, but mostly doughnuts/donuts? There was a consistent line of people when we were there which is why I could not get an artistic picture without people in it.

We love Peter! He turned 1! We loved going to his party with the baby pinata and the cake and the fun! We love these people!
So we went to get David's official DA photo. And I caught this gem. It was pure luck! There was no posing for this. I watched him for a minute as he was practicing his parade rest and his salute. So cute.

That's all. I'm on the season finale of season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. Don't judge me. What's your favorite guilty pleasure? 


  1. I just started watching iZombie, it's cute.

  2. We love watching shows on netflix. Right now we're watching Blacklist and Hawaii 5-0. They started out as my hubby's shows and I slowly got into them too :)

  3. I love binge watching on Netflix after the kids are in bed!

  4. I love Netflix! We just watched all seasons of Royal Pains so we must find another show!