What This Season Brings For Me

Here we go. Maybe I should just do pictures? Except they're just cell phone pics. I'm so lazy. However, I did do something crafty today. I should have done a before and after and I totally didn't.

It's such bad lighting but I spray painted my glass lotion bottle with chalk paint. Because it didn't match my decor. That is a chalk marker. And this Burt's Bees lip stuff. What's on your night stand?

Pictures. That's what this will be. This was actually today and these pictures actually make me feel joy. You should see the video Chelsi posted. THAT is joy in video form. Here is a link to the post since I can't seem to get it to embed here.

This was this last weekend. Sprinklers and bathing suits? Outside. And then it was cold the next day. lol. 

I LOVE Fall Bath and Body Works candles. I got Salty Caramel and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Then we have a Yankee Candle Peach Cobbler that is awesome too.

This is Nevie out to dinner at Liu in Weiden. It's one of our favorite places to eat. She was the one that suggested we "cheers" (see her glass) and then said "This is the best dinner ever."
Chelsi's first #PSL of the year. lol.

THEN! We had our 2nd annual Bauscher Strasse Chili and Wing Cook-off. Um. Our neighborhood kind of rocks. As in, it really does. As in, your neighborhood will never compare with this one. I probably should write an entire post dedicated to the love I have for alllll of my neighbors. I'm serious. I was thinking through each and every family and I can think of positive experiences I've had with each of them (minus one neighbor I've never seen come out of her house). Anyway, this event was hosted by Nicole. She made the awesome prizes, had it in her backyard. I made the invites and the sign. Because that's pretty much all I'm good at. lol. Chelsi won second place for best Chili!

I love the friendly rivalry we have going on this football season.

This is by far my favorite picture.

Chelsi's artistic picture of Shauna's shoes. lol

What reminds you of fall? 


  1. There is nothing better than jumping around in crunchy leaves! Those photos fill me with joy too! Even as an adult, this season is my favourite by far and I adore going out walking!

  2. Love your neighborhood cook-off...so much fun! Fall is definitely all about the pumpkin in our house. :)