Black Bar Status

In between the travels, David was promoted! Yay! There wasn't a ton of hoopla surrounding it because there were 100 other things (so many changes of command) happening at the same time nevertheless, it was a big deal. For him and for us. The entire posse was there, David even made a joke about his wives. How Mormons don't actually have multiples, it just looks that way. Pretty often with him. lol.

Sorry the video quality is so bad. I was really trying to be present for it, but also film it for all of the family and friends that couldn't be there.

Congrats to my main man for this! Yay! 

I got no other pictures or anything. It was super rushed. Everyone was so nice to be late to banner day in order to be there for this. So thank you S2 shop! And thank you to David for working so hard to make this happen. So much love. 

Speaking of the changes of command, I went to pick David up and was early. We got to witness them practicing for the ceremony. See if you can see David! 

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