Is it Cologne or Köln? Is it T Swift or Taylor Swift?

Did you know Köln is Germany's 4th largest city? I didn't. Until I had to Google Cologne in order to get Koln with the umlaut. But now I know how via Windows Alt Key Codes. It's Alt + 0246. Try it. ö ö. Magic. Did you learn something new today? Yes you did.

Anyway, back about four or five or six months ago I saw that TSwift was coming to Europe on her 1989 tour. So then I looked at dates and I realized it coincided with Chelle being here and I knew Mariah would be here by then. So helllo! Fun.

There are so many details I don't want to forget.

James Bay opening!

The bracelets!

The company!

I've been blessed with a hubby who generously agreed to watch the kids for 3 days so we could go. No, I did not guilt him with all of his 3 month long being-gones. No, I would never pull rank like that. 

Anyway, we drove straight to the hotel, checked in, and got ready to go. Originally the plan was to take the train or a taxi but we drove instead. Parking near Lanxness Arena wasn't actually that difficult. They have it pretty well laid out, I get stressed out though and did a circle before driving into the parking garage with ten levels and going to the very top, passing attendents on my way. We were the only ones on the top floor. I went up for the view which was totally worth it. If you're headed to Cologne and want the best view, for free, this is it: 

After the concert we went to a place Mariah had found in some forum online advertising the best local place to hang out. And it was. There was live music and lots of fun! It was located in what appeared to be a run down warehouse but inside was definitely NOT run down. This ended up being one of my most favorite days of the trip. However, how does one choose when picking from here, Amsterdam and Brugges? 

Hard life right? 

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