Its time for Bamberg! Chelle and I took off in the non air conditioned beast. Along the way both of us were surprised at how crazy beautiful it was. At one point we had to stop for construction and i snapped some doesn't-do-it-justice photos.

We made it to Maisels Brewery in time to also take some selfies before the tour. It was almost just us and the guide said we might get lucky and have the tour in English. Alas, our luck ran out. But we still had a great time. They provided us with a printout of the tour in English and the guide, reba, was happy to insert a few lines here and there in our native tongue. Chelle and I both got super hungry. At one point during the tour they give you a sample of wheat and barley to taste (its what they use in their beer) and Im pretty sure we both snuck a little extra. I kept thinking I was eating a wheat thin. Thats what it tasted like. I wasnt hungry at all. I ate all the mints in my purse.

So after the tour, and after we drank/ate our free beers, we headed to Oskar at the suggestion of our guide. Once we stepped into the city center I knew this was my new favorite place. It reminded me a little of Regensburg the way the building curved in a semi circle. We found it and got to work. Yum. I am super super mad because i got water after already drinking my alcohol Frei beer and then found out that Oskar has Pepsi products!!! Omg. Diet Pepsi is hard to come by in these parts. After that we went to the mall. The mall! It was amazing. I found some sweet deals on some pants for my boyfriend, got some chocolate and we headed to some gardens.

Here is a link for google stories. I couldn't get my stinkin' photos to load.

On the way home I couldnt help but be super grateful for the opportunity I have to live 30 mins from these destination spots. I really do count my blessings. Next up? Köln!

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