New Stories

There are a hundred things scrolling through my head like a Facebook page, except it's all my life and all of the things my self-help seminar would say didn't "happen to me", they're just events. I don't need to assign meaning to them.

But I do. Because when life is like it is, it is hard not to. My Headbook Page is cruel.

Look! There's the time you didn't get invited to the birthday party...

...or the trip to Belize (not really Belize but I don't want to point fingers).

Remember you have an event coming up! Your kids bff's are moving tomorrow! Have fun dealing with that!

Your friend Barb was tagged in 6 photos with all your other friends. But you weren't there.

Hey, did you know you have 11 memories from today with your friend David but did you know he isn't around right now so viewing these pictures will just make you sad?

Your sister and moms birthdays are this month but you live a gazillion miles away. Be sure to send them a generic message!

Do you hate me yet? I don't love myself when I am in this state. The good news is, when I am, at least you get a front row ticket! I really am having a hard time. And I really do find it therapeutic to write it down. I have also said before and still believe that I want to remember these days. These days when life isn't all flowers and bubbles and unicorns. There's plenty of that on the webs. In fact, I have a post coming up centered squarely on flowers and unicorns. Well flowers that are shaped like birds. Does that count? Really, yesterday I wrote about how good my husband is even when he isn't in my vicinity and how lucky I am to have the support group I do. I just need to finish it.

So for now, my page isn't full of a ton of positivity but the good news is when I wake up there will always be New Stories to look forward to and new ones for me to create.

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