Blue Night in Nuremburg

Is Blue Night in Nuremburg worth it? Yes. Yes it is.

From the Tourismus Nurnberg website:
Since 2000, the Blue Night takes place every spring in the Old Town of Nuremberg. For this event, the historical Old Town is bathed in a sea of light, tones and dance. Houses, squares and courtyards are decorated with projected art. An exciting mix of modern art, impressive light installations, innovative performances and music in an historical atmosphere await visitors who love art and culture.  
Since 2007, event organizers have sought out local artists, especially for the projection on the Imperial Castle. To celebrate the 350th birthday of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, students from the Academy were invited to submit their ideas for a projection in an art contest. A jury, consisting of representatives from museums and cultural institutions in Nuremberg, judges the projects submitted and decides who can participate in the Blaue Nacht and present their ideas to a larger public. Visitors also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist for the audience prize. 
In the years to come, the Blue Night will continue to offer a first-class program of art, culture and music. It will be exciting to see what the organizers of the Blaue Nacht in Nuremberg come up with next.
Imperial Castle Projection
"To travel a thousand miles is better than reading 1000 books".

We went last year  and once it was over, I Googled the date for this year and have been looking forward to it for 12 months only this time, I brought more friends!

Mariah and I were talking about how last year after it was over, I sent her pictures of it and she remembers where she was and how she turned to Ian and said, "wouldn't it be cool if we could go to this next year?" And guess what? They did! It was so fun!

The theme for this year was Freedom.

Chelsi, Alyssa, Mariah and I drove downtown and met Ian there. They had wine and beer and I had... nothing and was super thirsty. Don't worry, I ate a pretzel.

We met the coolest people. I texted David later that night and told him how much I miss meeting/talking to people. The first person we met was TK from Ghana. TK spoke French, English, Arabic and Spanish I think and was in Germany to learn the language and also teach Arabic. He is the one that told me the quote about 1000 miles. He said it a little differently but I translated it to make more sense. lol.

Then, we were at the ATM getting money and Chelsi my amazing sister heard English and immediately started talking to these people. Only they weren't American. They were totally British. Honestly, it was pretty much like being in heaven. Do you know how much I love that accent? Chelsi and I talk in it probably daily. They laughed at us and thought it sounded a little more Australian than English. Regardless, they were still nice! And Ian, being the genius he is, guessed where they were from in England. It's this weird talent he has.

Our friend Dan said that from America he wants Cherry Pepsi, Hershey's Kisses and Wiz Khalifa. We laughed so hard about that.

They ended up being really helpful in showing us around to a couple local spots. Unfortunately, we had to leave quicker than I wanted to because well, real life. And an hour drive.

We may or may not have lost Alyssa. Which makes me feel bad. But thankfully she had some good company. :)

Don't worry, Blue Night in Nuremburg will happen again for the 17th time, this time on May 7th of 2016. Put it in your calendar friends! Cause we are all going!

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