Staying Longer Than 90 Days in Germany if you are Staying with Someone Affiliated with the Army

Is your friend/parent/sister/brother here and wanting to stay longer than 90 days? If so, there's a solution!

My sister came and loved it so much she wanted to stay. Because she is not my parent or mentally/physically disabled, we had to find a way around the military dependency clause.  Luckily, someone (thanks Rachel) told us about another option. The option of the au pair (nanny). 

We went down to our local Rathaus which happens to be in Weiden. If you live in Netzaberg, then you will probably go to Eschenbach. If you live in Vilseck, you'd go to Vilseck and so on... We asked the receptionist where we should go and they directed us to the right place. 

We waited for someone to come out and greet us, which he did. He didn't speak great English but it was enough to communicate. He told us we had to go talk to a different lady to establish residence. Thankfully the housing office had given me something I didn't know I needed. It was called an Application for Housing which also showed we had been approved for said housing at said address and listed us, as well as the kids on it. It was very easy to get same day. So this lady at the Rathaus looked up our address and basically told me our address didn't exist (it's not on Google maps yet). She finally accepted it. Then we went and sat down with another guy and filled out paperwork. 

We had to come back with a bunch of information which, if you have with you on the first try, might save you another trip.

We needed 

1) Her birth certificate
2) Her passport
3) Birth certificates for the kids
4) Passports for the kids
5) Proof of income for David (to show we can support her) 
6) Proof of insurance for Chelsi (she used Malwista and purchased one month) 
6) 125 Euros
7) Proof of address 

My hubs had to be there to vouch for her but if your husband is gone, then a POA would probably do although I don't know for sure. 

I wasn't there when they went back to pay and show all of that stuff but it must've gone okay because within a month or so, they sent her a fancy chipped ID card. 

Keep in mind, this option isn't for everyone. If you have a parent staying for let's say 180 days, this might not be worth the hassle. My friend had a baby and her mom was here for 5 months. Her mom took an overnight trip to London to get her passport stamped and then turned around and came right back. An overnight train would do the trick and so would a 19 Euro one way flight on RyanAir. 

Also, I am not affiliated with the Army and I'm not qualified to give super sound advice. This is just my personal experience. But I'm here to say, don't fret! It's nothing to be stressed about. We were down to the wire and were able to accomplish this rather quickly, in a small amount of time. Message me if you have any questions and I will try to help!

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