Not a Regular Day but Kind Of

It was such a good day! And almost a regular one but there were a couple of things that made it stand out from the other days.

This is one.

I wish this was not blurry. 

So this part is the big deal! I am wearing jeans! And shoes! And i got ready. I wasn't meaning to have the big giant 80's hair. But I'm owning it. And it worked today because it was suuuppper windy!  Anyway, I went to the doctor on Thursday and was told I didn't have to do my boot anymore but that I still needed to walk with crutches and only put half my weight on it. Then in 2 weeks I can put my full weight and then when that is over, I can be normal. Except when in a year (or in Novemberish) I do this all over again and get my plate and screws out. Holy cow. What a recovery. I'm pretty sure this is making up for all the times I didn't break my bone in my younger life. 

Also, this building is called the Kloster Speinshart or monastery. Built in the 1100's. It's beautiful! And the bathrooms are awesome. Let's be honest. It's important. Anyway, I hope you come visit me so we can take you here. 

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos. So glad you don't have to wear that boot anymore. Speaking of boots, I am digging those.