Here We Go Again

I wrote another post in my head last night and then fell asleep before I could get it down. I'm not a huge fan of Bloggers app on my phone. If I don't manually save it, and I accidentally leave the app then poof, it's gone! Has anyone else had this problem? 

Yesterday we had another date day. Thanks Chelsi! We went to see Into The Woods. Did you know it's a musical? lol. We didn't. David hates musicals. However, he said considering that minor litttle huge fact, it was a good story. Then we went to a store in Grafenwoehr called Rossmann. It's a drug store here in Germany. It might be my new favorite. I was able to find toothpaste without flouride whereas in the past I have ordered it online from and that took over a month to get here. Anyway, life is happy again! I also got some awesome face wash and German brand diapers (although Nevie has been in undies all day without an accident) all of which I'm really excited to try. 

Then we headed to Tea Garden. It was delicious. David asked the waiter if he spoke Chinese. He said "a little bit" which is a common response from a lot of people here whether you're asking if they speak English or Chinese or any other language. Ha. Several people have complained about Tea Garden being expensive, but the key is ordering cheaply! It's totally possible. 

I'm sorry all of that was so boring. I just want to remember all of these things! I was telling David over dinner how I need to learn to live in the Present more. I'm already thinking about how we don't have a lot of time left here in Germany and it's stressing me out! lol There's so much to do! 

I need dates more often. The time I spent with him was golden. I really like him! And I feel lucky that I do. Because honestly, I don't think that's the case for a lot of people. 

Today has been a different story though. David and Sadie were on their way home from church and he hit a patch of ice and started hydroplaning. He skid across the road and into the shoulder. He said it probably would not have been a big deal but there was a steep bank on the side of the road. Thanks Germany. Anyway, the van fell on its side. They are fine! Thankfully we have awesome friends (thanks Angie and Matt and German couple who gave Sadie a blanket). I'm a little nervous about what happens next. I think the process of accidents and claims is a little more complicated here and I'm not super thrilled about that part. I am SO grateful for safety of my family. 

Maybe that's what I am supposed to learn, is how to help others get through these crazy experiences, of navigating Germany life. Who knows. 

Thanks for hanging in there through this obviously dry post. I'm feeling really dry today even though it's really snowing! 

my cheap new sweater

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  1. Oh my gosh, I hope your man and Nevie are alright!! I am sorry that happened but happy it was not worse.