Monday, January 26, 2015

The farm needs takin' care of. And it's a lot of work. It constantly needs upkeep. However, it's not the kind of farm you are thinking of. It's our trash farm. Thanks for the term Aaron (he's our neighbor). Our trash farm got really bad. So we did some overhauling and now it looks better. 

In Germany you recycle everything. We have 35 gallon cans for rubbish and compost and a 65 gallon can for our paper. Glass and plastics are separated and go in bins that are located in different spots around our city and on post. I worked for a trash company. I'm pretty familiar with the amounts of trash people produce. Most people do fine with 1 96 gallon trash can. Some people choose to recycle and that's an additional 65 gallons. I guess with all of the combined gallonage (haha) it ends up being the same but it's a ton more work! Am I lazy?  Germany is really on top of their eco-friendliness when it comes to this stuff. I was really gung-ho when we got here. I love compost because I love gardening and it's great for that. I got a little lazy during the summer because it was gross. I think recycling is awesome. But it can be a little overwhelming. Especially when I feel like it's taking over my house. 



I splurged on some more bins to keep it in. Now at least they aren't such an eye sore. I would take pictures of my kids and there would be the ugly yellow bag in the background. I've thought about posting in White Walls about their trash centers but I'm pretty sure no one else except those of us living in Europe has to deal with this. Should I do it? I'm still curious though. What do you do with your trash and recycling? Are you a real American with your can under your sink? Do you have a decorative trash can? Is there such a thing? Please tell me I'm not the only one who actually thinks about this. lol. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I hate when I'm on a roll and then I stop rolling. Well, you know what I mean. Not that kind of rolling.

Anyway, I have been really busy with my broken leg, broken van, and broken heart. Just kidding about the last one. But it is a little broken over not being able to watch The Bachelor until next week. I started an online bracket group where we fill out forms and questions and have lots of fun. If you love The Franchise as much as I/we do, let me know and I'll totes add you to the group. Who are you voting for winning? Don't spoil it!

In other news, did I even tell you about the van? Yeah I did. Well they ended up considering it a total loss so we are in the market for a new vehicle. If you live in Germany, and know of one for cheep, please let me know. Yes cheep. It's a classy woman's spelling.

Chelsi and I are like getting swoll. Well, sort of. I have a lot of work to do on my ankle leg before I can go doing squats and what not. So we're starting with some light yoga, and in the meantime are watching what we eat. We don't count the popcorn.

Hashtag Meal Prep

Can someone plllleeeaasseee come tune my piano? Please. PLEASE. And then can someone teach my sweet Sadie a different song than Mary Had a Little Lamb? I will count for you tomorrow how many times she plays it. I try SO hard to be supportive because all I want is to encourage her talents but I can only handle it about 20 times before my brain wants to explode. Maybe I'll teach her the Titanic song I know (My Heart Will Go On). I was a hipster and learned the hard version. Not even the easy one.

Nevie loves falling asleep like this

We went and saw American Sniper. I'm not sure if I should be ashamed of that or not because it is "Rated R". However, i think I'm excluded from the rule because it is a military movie. And I was all shouting Hooah the whole time. Just kidding. But it was REALLY good. And really touching and I shed a few tears. Don't go see it if you aren't immune to the Eff word. Cause there's a lot of that. I used to use this site called back in the day. I just checked and it's just as ghetto as it used to be 10 years ago. AND I cant even view the review for the movie because they charge now? Wow. Way to be lame. I secretly love movies like this because it ignites the sense of pride in my heart I have over being a part of the military community. It's even more awesome because before EVERY movie they play in the theatre, they show the Star Spangled Banner which is  awesome. Everyone stands.  It's video of everything Graf. I love it.

I'm also wondering if someone can send me All The Things. So far I have figured out I can't get: cardstock (at least in 8.5 by 11), Garnier Cleansing Oil face wash, El Pato, Trader Joes candied pecans and my Moroccan oil hair cream. And Target dollar bins. Definitely can't get those. Anyway, I need a stateside personal shopper slash assistant. Mom? just kidding. She already does all of it for me anyway.

Well that's really all for now. Just a little updatey. What's the one thing you can't live without on a semi-regular basis?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

It was such a good day! And almost a regular one but there were a couple of things that made it stand out from the other days.

This is one.

I wish this was not blurry. 

So this part is the big deal! I am wearing jeans! And shoes! And i got ready. I wasn't meaning to have the big giant 80's hair. But I'm owning it. And it worked today because it was suuuppper windy!  Anyway, I went to the doctor on Thursday and was told I didn't have to do my boot anymore but that I still needed to walk with crutches and only put half my weight on it. Then in 2 weeks I can put my full weight and then when that is over, I can be normal. Except when in a year (or in Novemberish) I do this all over again and get my plate and screws out. Holy cow. What a recovery. I'm pretty sure this is making up for all the times I didn't break my bone in my younger life. 

Also, this building is called the Kloster Speinshart or monastery. Built in the 1100's. It's beautiful! And the bathrooms are awesome. Let's be honest. It's important. Anyway, I hope you come visit me so we can take you here. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I wrote another post in my head last night and then fell asleep before I could get it down. I'm not a huge fan of Bloggers app on my phone. If I don't manually save it, and I accidentally leave the app then poof, it's gone! Has anyone else had this problem? 

Yesterday we had another date day. Thanks Chelsi! We went to see Into The Woods. Did you know it's a musical? lol. We didn't. David hates musicals. However, he said considering that minor litttle huge fact, it was a good story. Then we went to a store in Grafenwoehr called Rossmann. It's a drug store here in Germany. It might be my new favorite. I was able to find toothpaste without flouride whereas in the past I have ordered it online from and that took over a month to get here. Anyway, life is happy again! I also got some awesome face wash and German brand diapers (although Nevie has been in undies all day without an accident) all of which I'm really excited to try. 

Then we headed to Tea Garden. It was delicious. David asked the waiter if he spoke Chinese. He said "a little bit" which is a common response from a lot of people here whether you're asking if they speak English or Chinese or any other language. Ha. Several people have complained about Tea Garden being expensive, but the key is ordering cheaply! It's totally possible. 

I'm sorry all of that was so boring. I just want to remember all of these things! I was telling David over dinner how I need to learn to live in the Present more. I'm already thinking about how we don't have a lot of time left here in Germany and it's stressing me out! lol There's so much to do! 

I need dates more often. The time I spent with him was golden. I really like him! And I feel lucky that I do. Because honestly, I don't think that's the case for a lot of people. 

Today has been a different story though. David and Sadie were on their way home from church and he hit a patch of ice and started hydroplaning. He skid across the road and into the shoulder. He said it probably would not have been a big deal but there was a steep bank on the side of the road. Thanks Germany. Anyway, the van fell on its side. They are fine! Thankfully we have awesome friends (thanks Angie and Matt and German couple who gave Sadie a blanket). I'm a little nervous about what happens next. I think the process of accidents and claims is a little more complicated here and I'm not super thrilled about that part. I am SO grateful for safety of my family. 

Maybe that's what I am supposed to learn, is how to help others get through these crazy experiences, of navigating Germany life. Who knows. 

Thanks for hanging in there through this obviously dry post. I'm feeling really dry today even though it's really snowing! 

my cheap new sweater

Friday, January 2, 2015

forts, music, messes and army boots
A lady almost knocked over a display today in the store because she was staring at me in my scooter. I didn't see it but I heard it. Ha.

The other day I ran into a display. I wasn't aware at how fast my scooter actually went in reverse. What's even more embarrassing is my neighbor saw it. Thankfully she laughed with me. And also at me.

There are all sorts of things I am being forced to learn. I think the one I really am focusing on right now is how not to care what people think.

Every time I go into the store and I get the big red scooter, I have to drive by the registers on the way back. All of them. And Big Red has a speed setting on it which would be great if it weren't broken. Im pretty sure its on the slowest setting of all. So I'm that lady. The slow, meandering old lady in a wheelchair. It'd be wayyy cooler if I was a teeny bit speedy. Then I would be bad ace. Anyway, I realized after my sweat had subsided that I don't care. I mean, I totally do. But I'm practicing not caring. I've never been in a position of being the person everyone stares at. I've never broken a bone before now, never shaved my head, never had reconstructive surgery requiring bandages on my face, etc. All of which i am grateful for. But now I am THAT person. The crazy red haired lady with a giant boot and crutches and/or a scooter. Wait, maybe I HAVE always been the person people stare at. Hmm... Anyway, too deep for now. 

I had to check Chelsi in at the gate and therefore people had a lot of opportunities to gawk. I walked up that ramp with pride and even held onto the railing like I owned it. No I didn't. But it's my story and I'll retell it like I want. 

The thing is, people are curious I guess. And I am always sweaty because of it. I never wear a coat because I'm always so dang hot. But guess what? Today I bought another poncho! They're totally on sale at the PX. Go get one! Except you probably can't. I'll send you one if you want. 

I am tired of not wearing regular pants. I totally COULD wear regular pants but then I have to wear them UNDER my boot because wide legged pants went out when I was in like 9th grade. When will those come back in style? I wish it were now because those would sure come in handy. Anyway, so most of my regular pants lean on the side of skinny jeans and so they don't fit on the outside of The Boot. Therefore stretchy pants it is. And I'm a little tired of black. 

My leg is totally swoll right now. Like, do you even lift bro, kind of swoll. Except I don't lift. So it's the swoll as in, swollen. I wanna take a picture to show you but it looks like a cankle and that's not cute. And that's not how I want you to remember me. 

This was gonna be a life lessons post but I'm forgetting that. Because I want to write about other things. Like how awesome my people are. David's been cooking freaking awesome food. We are going to make a cookbook. Well, he is doing the recipes and I will make it. The book. Not the food. Psshhhh. But what I'm struggling with is whether I should post the recipes on my blog or just wait? What should I do? We aren't doing a diet, but just eating whole foods. Or trying to anyway. David has lost 5 pounds in 5 days. Whatever. I hate men. lol. Joke. 

My man is pretty great. We need a date. It rhymes. We haven't been out for awhile now and I miss him when I don't get to spend time with him one on one. He's currently upstairs brushing teeth and reading books to the kids. Which he does every night. He isn't in a rush, he just takes his time. That's pretty great. And I guarantee you, my kids will remember these times more than anything. 

What a weird random post right? It's these weird random things though, that I want to remember. The little details. I think I always say that. Anyway, I did a bunch of DIY stuff tonight that I can't wait to show you. And it's not a bunch. It's like one thing. Which I stole from Pinterest. Does that still count? 

What are you doing right. this. second. Besides reading this post of course? Cause we all know you are all multi-taskers. Are you eating? Watching a show? Taking a bath? Tell me!

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