What Having a Broken Ankle Leg Feels Like

It feels like a good spot on the couch. The one everyone knows is yours.

It feels like numbness in your toes when the cast cuts off circulation for a minute until you shift into a new position.

It feels like pillows everywhere. Not really, but there ARE pillows everywhere. Because well, elevation!

It feels like shopping on the internet. And being frustrated because the things you ordered aren't arriving quickly enough.

It feels like a weird sensation when you move around the wrong (or right?) way and you feel the foreign things inside your leg angle move. Heeby Jeeby style.

It feels like so much love from people around you.

It feels like having to learn how to ask for, and depend on people for help.

It feels like trusting your servants to feed, clothe and bathe you. haha.

It feels like a lot of possibly good solid reading time which you spend playing Candy Crush. Don't judge me.

It feels like watching kids interact so much more than you do when you aren't compelled to sit and watch them interact.

It feels like a jaunt to the bathroom is a 5K and going upstairs to sleep is a marathon.

It feels like wearing the same clothes for a few days in a row which is fine because, elevation! That's all you're doing.  Don't worry, I change my shirt and my other stuff. Just not my pants. There are only so many stretchy pants to go around!

It feels like marathons of smutty TV show with my main man.

It feels pretty painless actually. Unless I'm standing or sitting up or walking for extended periods of time without well, elevation!

In other news, I went to the doctor today. I got my stitches out which was actually a little grody to watch because it was my own skin. I love that kind of stuff but it felt weird to watch it. I still can't put weight on it which means more awesome crutch time for me and more jokes from Katie and Chelsi. I got a prescription for a more removable boot but I don't know where or how to get it. Germany. Remember when I was in a boot before? Oh wait guys, It's happened twice. Once this time, and another this time.  I guess I'm meant to make these a fashion trend or something. I also think I deserve my own hashtag, Any ideas?

Thanks for being supportive of me on my journey to freedom.

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  1. Hope your ankle/leg starts feeling better soon!