Why Timing Is Everything, Broken Ankle Edition

As a parent, you run into certain dillemas especially at Christmas time. Like whether you should count down or up on the advent calendar, or when to get the Elf on the Shelf out. And when to place presents under the tree... you dont wanna put them out too early because wandering hands can be a dangerous thing.

Other timing issues are more serious. Especially for me. I'm on crutches. I think that's pretty established based on my really loud mouth about it. Anyway, I travel upstairs now to sleep in my bed at night. And i have to maneuver very carefully as to avoid missteps and being off balance. The first night i went up the stairs i accidentally dropped a crutch and it slid very loudly down the stairs probably as i did the night this all happened. It hurt because i tried to over-correct the perceived threat of falling again. It was totally scary. Balance involves timing. And since that night there have been a few other instances where I've been a little off kilter and it's either really hurt or scared the crap out of me. Not fun. As a side note, I'm wondering why people in my house have places large piles of items on the stairs. Rood. There's a pile of crap on the staircase where i broke my ankle and i blame it for this happening. I had my slippery socks on and because the pile was there i had to step around it and onto the slidy wood stair part. Germany peeps you know what i'm talking about. Anyway, i have a rush of anxiety everytime i pass it. And its now been what? 3 weeks and its still there. Taunting me. Believe me, I'd clean it up if i had two hands free. Or two well working legs.


I took a mini bath today. I took off the half cast and looked at my itty bitty calf muscle on the left side. There's nothing left! 3 weeks of no weight bearing and its gone. Instagone. My right calf is super buff. But 3 weeks makes a big difference!

We got elfed today. And yesterday and the day before. I also wonder if that too is a cruel joke because the elves know I'm  not gonna run to the door very quickly. Ha. Finally we have a sign to put up so we don't keep benefiting from peoples awesomeness. Cookies and chocolate and stickers. Everywhere.

The big thing I wanted to bring up was the timing of it all. It's become very apparent to me that there are lessons to be learned in these experiences. Its Christmastime afterall and someone out there knows i get a little OCD during the holidays. I like everything to be just right.

So tonight while wrapping presents I was hit with a giant dose of reality. As I sat on the concrete floors of government housing, i realized it wasn't very comfortable after about 30 minutes. I tried to be smart and use pillows and stuff but alas, the concrete won and I had to get up to take a break. In years past i could easily sit on dat floor for hours watching my favorite holiday movies and wrap to my hearts content. Not this year. Im afraid im going to have to relegate my duties to my servants. Its stressful! Because i love wrapping paper. And wrapping. And bows and ribbons and gift tags. I succumbed to none of that tonight. Its almost a nightmare to me. I had two rolls of wrapping paper  (one for Santa gifts), and i didn't use a single bow or a gift tag. It was strictly permanent marker on the one red roll of wrapping paper. Because guess what else? Timing. 

I ordered a bunch of gorgeous colored wrapping paper from a catalog. And guess what? Not here. And it should have been. Jacksons favorite toys aren't going to be here either. Hating Germany today Although guess what? I think I have finally crossed the threshold into loving Germany in general. It only took what? 8 months to get here! But I'm here! And I love Germany. And Europe! Timing!

Anyway, I think this all comes together all in the right timing to teach me things. To teach me at Thanksgiving (the day I was released from the hospital) that I have really truly good people in my life who love me. And then on my birthday that more people love me. I honestly think this was the most thoughtful birthday I've had in awhile. And then with Christmas coming up, that presents and wrapping paper and gifts are not that important (even if that lesson was taught very unkindly. I'm still mad at postal services). And really in general, how I really have to learn to ask for help. I hate it. It's probably the thing I am worst at. I think I would rather just not. But I'm having to. Because I can't carry a lot of items when I'm on two crutches. 

My sister is the bomb. I really haven't given her enough credit. Honestly, she is the lifeline of our house right now. My kids eat because of her. I am able to be clean because of her. I had a nice birthday and will have a nice party because of her. My house is clean, my kids have clothes (so do I) because of her. I'm thankful. 

What lessons have you learned lately? Do you love wrapping paper as much as I do? David is convinced I have a problem. Also, can you totally tell which part of this post was typed on my phone (the first half with bad spelling and grammar) and which was not (the end with capital letters)? 

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