A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

At first i started out depressed because i was alone in the hospital the night before Thanksgiving. Even my roommate left. She was my second one. I felt like I was outliving everyone. All of the other people got to leave purgatory and I was stuck with more work to do on myself. Or my leg I guess.
Then it became today. My doctor came in and told me I would be fine to not see them until Saturday morning for a bandage change. Ecstatic! Especially because another roommate was on her way in and I couldn't outlive 3 people. No way.

I guess I forgot to mention surgery and how that went. It was great! Apparently it was really long too. I went in at 9 and I didn't get back to my room until like 2. I know some of that time was spent in recovery telling everyone how beautiful they were and how I didnt want to leave them. I was having a bunch of pain after the surgery and so i think they overdosed me again. Haha.

Anyway, I ended up with a giant plate in my leg and a bunch of screws. Its pretty intense. I became THAT person today and posted a picture of my *insert weird thing here*. I think it deserved a shout out.

David picked me up and we went to the pharmacy for really expensive ibuprofen  and needles. Chelsi has graciously agreed to be the person to give me my shots every night. I can thank her for not getting blood clots and dying. Thanks Sis.

I took my usual post in the corner of the couch and watched as the magic began. We put on a Christmas channel on Pandora and began to set up the tree. I have a video and what's on it is magical. Theres dancing by David and Chelsi and so much wonder from the kids as they pull out their ornaments from years past. They are so excited. The ornaments are so fun. Im so thankful every year for Aunt Taras ornaments. They mean the world to me. The kids like them too.

A big giant shout out to Stacey for bringing me my first thanksgiving. And then to the Manning family for taking in my family and feeding them. They went up (down?) the street to our neighbors house and ate like crazy. Im not gonna lie, I got food from there too. These people (the Forshees and Mannings and so many others) have become like family. They always said it would happen. And it did. Especially lately. The Malon family came and visited me in the hosptial and brought a gorgeous Christmas plant. Chelsi and Lara came and washed my hair. Lara shaved my toefro. True friends!
Ill have to get a picture tomorrow cause this tree.... is amazing. Im pretty sure its going to topple over from the overwhelming amount of ornaments on the front bottom part of the tree where Sadie put her favorites. And although the garland is crooked, and it stands at only 4 feet tall, its home. And i am so thankful to be here.

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