Wild Ones

So I've been wanting to stop and smell the roses since they started blooming. But instead of roses they are wildflowers. Or Miscellaneouses. There's a little of everything. And instead of smelling them (for fear of bugs in my nose jk) i've wanted to take pics.

They sit right on the corner of our little neighborhood and I swear every time I saw them which has been every day for about a month, Ive thought about how I want to take pics.

Enter some thought provoking analogy about stopping and doing or living in the moment. 

While I was out this woman stopped and started speaking to me in German. "Sprechen sie English?" I asked. And she did! She too spoke of the beauty of the flowers and how she also had taken pictures. It was this beautiful, rare moment I wish I would have paid more attention to. Because number one, she stopped to talk to me. Germans aren't always as friendly and secondly, we are from two way different worlds and here we were sitting there enjoying the magnificence of these gorgeous creations. I shared my pictures with her and as we flipped through them,  there was a bit of silence. And it wasn't awkward. I've discovered I totally want to adopt this as a trait from the Germans. Silence everywhere. Quiet. No pressure.

Anyway, a moment to remember. These are unedited,  raw, and these are all the pics I took. Ive been working on that too. Taking more meaningful pictures and less of them in quantity. It causes me to stop and think more.

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