What to Tell the Crazy People

You know those difficult life experiences I've been complaining writing about? Maybe it's just my frens I've been telling. Well anyway, they're still happening at a much quicker AND slower pace. Great, now I'm getting my deep on.

My new favorite Instagram account: Unspirational

At this point, Army life is not for me. I'm pretty sure I've said that before and I'm pretty sure if I haven't, then I just made like 86453 new enemies. HOWEVER, I am TOTALLY giving it a chance. I mean, we've only been here like 3ish months. You've got to give anything at least 6 months before you decide you hate or love it. Right? A totally good rule of thumb right there.

Here's where i fill you in on all of the classified things David is doing. OPSEC.

I can tell you that he has jumped out of a Black Hawk and written some really cool articles and done some really cool things public relations wise. I think he/we should go in to that. I daydreamed last night that we were living an artists life where we were poor and happy and hippie. I'm totally craving that right now.

Speaking of artists. Some legit mountain biker guy used one of Davids songs and people seem to really like the music. The video is pretty cool too.

What did you think? Pretty cool huh?

Wow. It felt good to go off on a tangent like that for a minute. Because i forgot that I was gonna tell you about the crazies. I don't need to though. Let's leave this post on a good note. Get it? Get the pun? Okay. 

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  1. I wanna hear about the crazies!! Seriously, though, sorry it's so hard. Army = mucho stresso. :( But hopefully it gets easier?? <3 you all and hope things look up soon!