Leaving on a Humvee

This morning I woke up sooooooooo early (7 a.m.) to take David to meet some people so they could leave to an undisclosed location. (Take that trolls of the internet looking for information!) Anyway, it was this weird moment I've never experienced before. Or if I have, I've totally forgotten it. We pulled up and parked where several other soliders and their friends/girlfriends/spouses were helping to unload the over 50 pound ruck sacks and backpacks and those green army bag things. I watched as they said their goodbyes. One couple looked as if this was no big deal. Others looked a little more longingly at their soldier as he walked away. I was the one who hurridly got into my van so I could be both of those: the one who looked like it didn't bother me but was actually hiding in my van to conceal the tears creeping into my eyes.  That and I didn't want to watch him walk away. Im kind of tired of that.

Im not out of my hating the army phase.  I got him back for exactly 60.5 hours before he left again. Love it.

Also, keeping in touch with my bff who happens to be at IBOLC where they've got him on a 20 minute sleep schedule. Army!

Don't you dare tell me I signed up for this! Cause I remember saying 1000 times how I wasn't naive to the fact that he would be deployed. So I knew. I knew about that. But I wasn't aware of everything else! There should definitely be a manual. Section 1: Army Spouses: what to expect from them and you and how to stay away from insanity (in your own life and theirs). Something like that. Who wants to help me write it? Because I feel crazier than I have in awhile and im SEEing crazier than I have in awhile.

The good news is I have a sister here who is helping to keep me grounded. As in, feet on the ground. Not, time out and taking my electronics away grounded. She made lettuce wraps tonight. Yum. I made cobbler. We are a team. Im thankful for her being my partner in the midst of my other one being gone. Hooah.

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  1. Ummmm ya i love that Chelsi. You two are the greatest additions to my life, I must say!