The Fourth of Nothing

So this is totally my 4th or 5th year being alone on the 4th. LAMMMMEEEEEE

Thankfully I have rockstar neighbors. We had fun. We sat in my driveway and kids played and we ate good freaking grilled food. I'm talking brats and bacon and burgers. And some good friends convinced me that TV is a better addiction than other things. So that's happy. Thanks friends.

Bad news is fireworks go off at 10:30ish or 11. So that's not happening. I'm not wearing pants. 

Good news is my sister is coming here. As in, a one-way ticket. I'm pretty sure she hasn't told anyone yet so don't tell her I told you.

My internet is not on. I'm totally using one of my neighbors. BEcause they are nice. And share. Sharing is caring. I'm only slightly irritated because I can't watch any of my shows. No Big Brother. No SYTYCD. Good news is I'll have a lot of catching up to do. And the other good news is I have Season 3 of Friends to watch. Which is also bad news because I'm already half way done with it and I have 3 days left before I get internet and no additional seasons.

David did cool things today. He blogged about it. Do you want to read it? Okay! It's good. I'll share it. BUt I have to go make sure it's OPSEC before the lions jump all over me.

As for the picture below..its my new favorite Instagram account. Hilarious. Go follow them and tell them I sent you. Haha. And it's not actually true..I had a great 4th. 

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