Looking Good

So peoples lives all look prettier on paper right? It's so true.

We ate more cereal today. IN fact, we took a special trip yesterday to the commissary to get the Malt-o-Meal bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch so we could have more for the weekend. We might just be surviving off of that stuff right now. That and leftover Stouffers lasagna. We also went specifically for bubbles. I'm a good mom.

Today we went to the Farmers Market in downtown Weiden. I wish I would have gotten more pictures which, if I were to just post without words, you would think 'awwww, that's awesome. How wonderful'. But you wouldn't know the walk there was incredibly long with 3 kids (actually 12 kids because we went with our neighbors/friends) and that it was humid and we had to go up this really intense hill. Or that it was really busy downtown and wrangling kids with scooters and strollers and bags was really fun. Especially when said kids don't want to ride those scooters, or the kid in the stroller wanted out which was fine except the stroller was top heavy and therefore tipped over after the child got out. So good.

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The produce made up for it though. IT was delicious. I got tomatoes and 2 apples and cherries. That's it. Don't forget I was wrestling the stroller and the kids and the language. So I settled for those few items. 

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