I just posted a crap ton of blogs from Myspace. I'm supppper mad at the interwebs right now. First of all, back awhile ago, I accidentally made the switch from classic Myspace to some weird stupid new version of it in which it deleted alllllllllll of my old stuff. Dates on pictures, comments on said pictures, and comments on blogs. anger.

THEN I remembered I had an old blog at easyjournal. Remember that? It was the time of like 2005 and prior. It's gone! and now I'm all worried about blogger doing the same thing to me. IS that gonna happen? Just disappear?

It was weird to go through SO many of my old posts, some of which I didn't post here because they were private then and are still private now. I watched (read?) myself through moving from az to pa. and then back from Pa to az. and through the birth of Jackson and Sadie too. By that point, I had migrated from Myspace to this lovely place I now call home. at first, this blog was called "" and then I changed it almost immediately because I am an individual. and I like my individuality. Maybe autonomy is a better word.

Crazy. I don't even know. I don't have words.

I even found a blog that talked about Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance. I love summer TV. Does anyone watch Big Brother besides Hannah? Please say you do. I need someone to talk and mull it over with. Speaking of which, I get to go watch the first episode! Which is sad because you guys got to watch it last night. Hashtag Germany.

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